After a successful day of shopping with Sandra and Brenda, I was definitely ready to party.

I have decided.

Sandra is my new best friend.

And I could really use one.

I mean, I'm still pretty upset at Chanel,

and could use a shoulder to lean on.

I entered the house party,

and I couldn't hear myself think.

The music was blasting, and people were dancing.

I wandered around in search of a bar.

All there was, was a blue & white cooler,

filled with bud-light.

"Ew!" I said to no one in particular.

"What do ya want miss? Champagne? Wine?" Said this guy to me sarcastically. He high-fived his friend.

I stood up, brushed my skirt off,

and stared the guy right in the eye.

I narrowed my eyes, and didn't break the glaze.

"I'll take a glass of champagne. Or is there nothing else in this" I smirked and walked away.


I hate house-parties.

I found Sandra, and Brenda sitting on a couch talking.

"Darlings!" I yelled to them,

happy I actually found someone I liked.

They both air-kissed me, and sat back down.

I raised my eyebrows at them, and put my hand on my hip.

"Hello?" They scooted over to make me room.

"No. I mean, aren't you guys going to do something beside sitting on your" 

"Like what? Beer pong?" Asked Brenda confused.

"EW. Beer is for the people who can't afford Champagne. No, I mean like find a decent boy in this party." I searched around the room.

"Maybe" Said Sandra, also looking around the room.

"Whatever. I'm going to look for a decent guy around here. Ciao." I walked away from them in search for a guy.

After the party was finished, 

I successfully received 10 numbers,

and danced with a bunch of guys.

I threw out all the numbers though,

I'm not desperate or anything!

Then, I managed to get Sandra,

AND Brenda to get off their 

and dance with a couple guys.

Tonight was fun,

But house-parties?


x's and oh's,
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