[ ♥] You own something from American Eagle
[♥] You own something from Hollister
[ ] You own something from Abercrombie
[♥] You own something from Aeropostale
T O T A L ;; 3
[] You have a pair of the name brand uggs
[ ] You straighten your hair everyday
[♥] You wear flip flops in the winter
[♥] You never leave the house without applying makeup first
T O T A L ;; 2
[ ] You watch the Hills
[] You love the OC 
[ ] You love the Jonas Brothers
[]You are afraid to step foot into Hot Topic
T O T A L ;; 0

[♥] You know who Lauren Conrad is
[ ♥] You know who Heidi Montag is
[ ] You never go near the goths
[♥]You judge people by their looks (sometimes, but who doesn't; seriously)
T O T A L ;; 3
[♥] You love the mall
[ ] You go tanning
[ ] You have been called a prep
[ ] You support Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens
T O T A L ;; 1

Total up your answers:
Multiply by 5, if its higher than 50% your a prep.
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