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1. justin bieber or john mayer; who'd you rather be with if you're stranded on an island?
Hmm. Based on the fact Bieber's fan are more likely to find him Bieber. My plan is that the island is like the one from POTC and has a hidden rum stash , the biebs fans come , i knock them out and steal their plane boat etc and leave them on the island thus doing the world a favour.

2. the song you'd like to play at your wedding?
Angels - The XX

3. sneakers or heels?
Flat shoes that aren't sneakers.

4. the last item you bought (clothes, food, et cetera)
Orange Juice from 7/11

5. watching a movie or reading a book?

6. if you could have a famous celebrity's face, whose shall it be?
Hmm .... Leighton Meester just because she is my original girl crush. 

7. what's worse - dreaming of being naked in front of a crowd or watching a crowd of naked people in front of you? (yes i realize this is such an odd question - deal with it.)
This is hard to answer....watching a crowd of nakes people.

8. the last song on your playlist.
Alphabetical - 99 Problems - philadelphia grand jury [jay z cover]
Top 25 - Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran

9. scented candles or potpourri?
Scented candles.

10. pandas or koalas?
Koalas. Duh.
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