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Song-The Way
Artist-Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller

Love this song. anyways I want to dedicate this set to @emma-belieber-1994 . She is such a sweet girl and a great friend, she leaves the sweetest comments and is there when you need her. You all should follow her and check out her awesome sets. Luv ya girl! ♥

Have a super sparkly day!
-Sparkles ♡

My Flawless + Lovely Tags ♥ :
@b3than-y My bby girl + bestie :) and the Demi to my Selena. My Little O, gosh I love you so darn much ok? You're so gorgeous and you know it annoys me when you don't agree. You are so so brave and kind, and just amazing overall. I will always love you, I miss our old convos so much, plz never forget your Sparks ♥
@weirdo2000 homie where do I begin, you are so brave and strong, and gorgeous, and ilysm ♥
@selly-gomez3 Samantha my gwad I think I'd die without you, like I'm legit not kidding. You're like practically a sister to me, I love you to death. You don't know how much you've helped me, and how much I love you is just beyond words. Please don't ever leave, I need you here. You are the Selena to my Gomez bby. ♥
@selena-g-marie-anon Omg Emmz. You are the Justin to my Bieber. My ultimate fangirling bestie.
I love you, so, so much. You are so smart and gorgeous...and like I can't. You're so adorable it's not even funny. ilysm my flawless boo ♥
@s-ehl3nu-r the shamazing Sarah, ilysm Skittle buddie ♥
@luv2dance1806xxx Lana is my selenator best frand ♥
@luv-peeta-mellark Natalie is adorbz ♥
@barefootcinderella-1 You are the sweetest most amazing girl I've met and such a great friend. Eva my gosh....your just flawless ok...I'm so darn glad I met you. ♥
@hopper13-1 My polyvore twinay + we both love doctor pepper and ice tea girly woop woop cx ♥
@lanadelreysdaughter My polyvore bestfriend ♥
@thelucky0ne Shelby the awesome selenator ♥
@purplerosepetal ♥
@sweetpeadandy you're so nice, and a great friend girly ♥
@savannah-317 luv you ♥
@peace-love-dance12 you're so sweet ♥
@xo-offtoneverl4nd Deanna you're amazing okay? ♥
@not-like-the-movies-xo ♥
@mylifesparkles ♥
@memajabar ♥

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