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- soul to squeeze by red hot chili peppers (essentially Isis's theme song)

I also hope it's alright I made her 20 since she just recently had a birthday and theoretically, a lot of the current 19 year olds will be turning 20 this year too! She also isn't a very conventional character for this roleplay, but I really do love her so I hope it's okay.

Isis Heath, 20

Birthday: June 1st, Gemini

Power: Spirit

Likes: Classical music, freshly cut flowers, Susan Hobson, designer clothes, jewelry, London, champagne, cigarettes, photography, older and rich suitors, high class functions, society events, feeling normal, not seeing dead people, self-harm, her own blood.

Dislikes: Seeing dead people, people her own age, the people that killed her parents, spirit, her extended family, moving, big change, meat, herself, seeing spirits, feeling out of control, death, other people's blood, people that judge her, Bristol.

Poison: Cigarettes, champagne, and vodka.

Music Taste: As she stated earlier, classical music mostly. It calms her down and eases her nerves, but occasionally a little classic rock such as Red Hot Chili Peppers or Sublime. But only on very rare occasions.

Personality: Isis is a very friendly person and nearly always is seen with a smile. She yearns for acceptance and friendship, though she isn't easy to be friends with since she is so frantic. Her mind is all over the place and it is sometimes hard for her to hold any stable conversation when spirit can be acting up. She appears scatterbrained and ditzy, though it is just hard for her to control the line between life and death. She is constantly dancing with a dangerous depression that she has been able to hide underneath a shield of happiness and cheerfulness, but she really hates herself more than anything. She is very fearful of recklessness and fears the majority of people her age, and especially the ones in Bristol. She wants, more than anything, to die.

Bio: Isis was born and bred into a very rich and glamorous world in London, England. Her father was CEO of Heath Enterprises and founded the company from the ground up while her mother was a famed socialite and philanthropist, doing all that she could to help the human need. She lived a glamorous life, one of ease and happiness, with the nicest clothes, houses, and cars, the prettiest summer vacations in Greece and Monaco, and the best care a child could ask for - her nanny and best friend, Susan Hobson. When Isis was 10 years old, her parents decided to take their budding child to the opera, only to find she didn't enjoy it all that much. The three of them decided to leave early and while heading home on the streets of London, were mugged. Except it all went fatally wrong. Both of Isis's parents were shot and killed, murdered in cold blood, while she was left to be raised by Hobson alone on the giant Heath estate, with promises of inheriting the family's entire fortune once she became a legal adult. 
Once she went through puberty, Isis began discovering she had very odd, perceptive powers. First, she noticed she could heal others, simply by repairing a few scratches on Hobson and restoring dead plants in the flower garden. Then she realized she could read auras, very very well. But then, for the big finale, she learned she could resurrect the dead. Of course, not her parents - they'd been dead for too long. One summer, Hobson grew very ill and was placed under bed rest. During her slumber, her heart stopped beating and it was Isis's mysterious power that brought her back. 
Of course, all her powers seemed absolutely lovely save for the fact they were slowly but surely deteriorating her mental state. Because of the overuse of her strange talent, Isis became horribly depressed and insanely mentally unstable. Hobson kept a watchful eye on her once she herself recovered but that was when Isis learned the true capacity of her prowess; she could speak to the dead. She started receiving visits from her parents and once she opened the gate of the spirit world to that of the living, she became haunted by vast amounts of ghosts herself constantly, driving her utterly insane.
She attempted to commit suicide by hanging herself at 14, though she was found before she could do any damage, and by slitting her wrists at 16, for which she almost actually succeeded. At 17, she learned she could cope with her abilities with alcohol, drugs, and self-harm. Self-harm soothed the anxiety that came hand in hand with her depression and intoxication dimmed her powers - while she couldn't use them, she remained healthy herself - a fair trade-off in her eyes. She came of age, and with that, came of the family inheritance; she now owns the biggest share of Heath Enterprises and is named as one of the conglomerate's many owners. She became a very successful business woman and staple in the wealthy elite of London's social scene, her past forgotten. 
That is, until she learned that she wasn't the only woman in her family who could access the spirit world. Kingsley women had a long line of the Spirit gene, though it had skipped over Isis's mother, and with Hobson's help, she began to learn a bit more about her maternal genealogy. Though not enough. That's why her and Hobson have come to Bristol, her mother's birth town - to find more about Kingsley women and Spirit. Though, of course, it means she has to... well, blend in. This London socialite has been forced to give up her lush life for a more... average one, at least in order to seem normal as of now. And not only is she having to hide her true persona, she has to use Spirit again to help understand what she's been coping with - needless to say, it's hard for Isis to keep her sanity intact.

Susan Hobson - Isis's nanny and the woman who raised her (Helen Mirren)
Alerick Heath - father, deceased
Eleanor Heath, neé Kingsley - mother, deceased

Biggest Secret: Besides her insanity, her biggest secret, as of now, is her true identity. In Bristol, folks just think she's a normal London girl who's come to town with her grandmummy Hobson for a small stay in her family's ancestral land, but really, she's in search of any ties to her Kingsley family members that may possibly either know about Spirit or even have it themselves. While, of course, she's always searching for the next chance to die.

Model: Snejana Onopka


Taken by: @sophiaspastic
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