SOTN: Kitty Kat x Queen Bey


Going out with my beautiful best friend and sexy ass fiancé. 



I feel very sessy for a pregnant woman. 


The baby is so close to being here, only three more months.

Is you okay? Is you okay? Is you? Good cuz I wanted to know. +Glozell voice+

Haven't seen her in forever.

Bye bye.

My Gods and Goddesses 

@kekewinter Lil bit
@h-anai Gummy Bear
@rocroyal-spiffy He Da Bae
@those-dope-a-n-o-n-s Tae 
@u-ndergroundluxury Weed Dealer
@x-trillest Angela bear
@hoesxbros Wifeys
@eat-sleep-tacos Guh
@l0ck-king Isaac & Ethan
@h-i-p-p-i-e-s Liyah's new bestie
@xomisfitxo Lukey
@i-m-p-0-s-s-i-b-l-3 James
@kinggkaay Jason's Bae

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