Saturday: They have not visited since the last Tri-Wizard Tournament, Beauxbatons Academy and Durmstrang Institute are coming to visit our school for a week everyone on their best behaviour. Prefects, head students will be helping them navigate around the castle.

I sat up straight in bed, sheets tossed around sleeplessly on my bed. I had been up for a while dreading the whole Prefect’s being tour guides job. I was getting a little sick of the Durmstrang’s already, partially due to Elly’s cousin breathing down my neck.
I had decided there was no way I was going to get back to sleep. Reluctantly I swung my legs over the side of my bed, yawning, as I tied my hair up without bothering to smooth the flyaway’s. I shrugged some jeans on over my boxers and trudged down to the common room, where the fire would be crackling and warming up the cold morning. 
"Loo? What are you doing up early?" Elly asked, looking up as I padded over to where she sat on the couch. 
 "I could say the same for you” I yawned, as I plopped onto the cushy couch and slung my arm around her shoulder.
 "I had a nightmare” she mumbled, as she nuzzled her head into my neck, her lips brushing over my skin slightly.
 "I had a feeling...That something was up with you” I mumbled back, brushing my lips against the top of her head, "A sixth sense if you must." I let my head fall back onto the pillow.
 "I thought you didn't believe in such things" she breathed. I was breathing deeply when she nibbled my neck suddenly. I sucked in a breath opening my eyes again, pulling her ever closer with the hand securely on her back. 
 "Well, I didn't..” I muttered after a while, “Then I met you." I ran my fingers softly over her back as she snuggled closer into me, hands pressed against my bare chest.
"I love you" she whispered, a hand running through my hair making a strand fall across my eyes. She took it in her fingers, playing with it.
 "And I, you” I smiled back, tilting her head up to mine and capturing her lips in a sweet morning kiss. 

 I laced my hand with Elodie’s as we walked into the Great Hall, filled now with not only the four Hogwart’s House’s but with the students of Beauxbaton’s and Dumstrang.
"Loo...I feel like their maiming me.." Elly grumbled, looking around as she clung onto my arm tighter. I looked around as well, noticing the few groups of girls staring, one or two giving me an unnerving wink. I chuckled, kissing her on the tip of her nose.
"I love you. So you don't have to worry about them" I breathed.
"But some of them are pretty” she mumbled, further sinking into my side.
 "I want you” I purred against her ear, watching her cheeks to bright red with a smug smile. If only she knew how many strings she had wound around my heart, then she wouldn’t have worried. I helped her into her seat and then took the one next to her like usual. I picked up the usual apple, that I had taken to eating every morning, when a pea flicked me on the nose. I blinked a few times, as Elly giggled to herself. I chuckled myself, thinking of how easy it was to be with her as I pulled her closer, and tilted her head up. For the entertainment factor of those girls staring, and at their displeasure I leant my head in quickly, capturing Elly’s lips in a kiss that wasn’t usually reserved for dinner talk.
 "Oh how you amuse me" I mumbled against her lips before I pulled away and focused my attention onto shining the apple on my jumper. 
"Not fair” she breathed after a while, pouting with her full lips in such an inviting ay that I had to bite down hard on my apple from kissing her in a way that would defiantly defy social etiquette at the dinner table. 
"Love is never fair poppet” I said through a bite of apple.
 "Poppet..." she mumbled soflty as I swallowed the bit of apple and nuzzled my head into her neck.
 "My poppet" I breathed, laying one soft kiss against the soft skin of her neck before she swatted me away. 
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