GothamHigh Enrollment

Name: Vanessa Annabell Collins
Nickname/s: V,Anna
Age: 5
Grade: 11th
Personality: Weird,Vίοlent,sneaky,hot-headed,crazy, hates people,intelligent,creative,evil,rebel
Looks: The first pic
Style: All the other pics
Bio: V was raised into an orphans house in Gotham City,since her mom dίed a few days after she was born and no body knows who her father is. When V was 10 the orphan's house she lived in was burnt and she was the only survivor. She stayed with an old couple for a while and then moved to an other orphan's house,since the couple she has been living with was murdered in a burglary. Well as you may have guessed V was behind both the fire and the murder. But who would suspect such an innocent little girl? Well,they found out about it a couple of moths ago. Until now she had stolen many,many stuff, kiIIed about 40 people,burnt 2 buildings and was waiting for someone to find out about it. When Batman found out about her she admited everything. But the police didn't want anyone to learn about her...People would be frigthened. But they couldn't just let her go.So she was sent here.
Mother: Samantha Collins-Dead
Father: Unkown-Probably Alive
Extras: She loves animes,dancing and rock music, hates rules,gums and school,the only thing she has from her family is a golden necklace from her mother and millions of dollars which she can't use.
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