♥ Simple Plan - Summer Paradise ft. Sean Paul ♥
 >>> http://youtu.be/qjHlgrGsLWQ <<<

I was tagged by these amazing people: @evanabosh and @littlemisssunshine-21 in their wonderful sets to do this: 
1. Pick a song,
2. Make a line from that song be the title of your set,
3. In my set, pick one item and use it in yours,
4. Tag 10 people and tell them to do the same,
5. Ask a random question

i pick the hermes bag from @evanabosh and the juicy couture pineapple necklace from @littlemisssunshine-21 ...

@littlemisssunshine-21 's question: What is your absolute favorite song currently?
My answer: the one which i chose to make this set based on ,,, :)

@evanabosh 's question: What are five things you want to get accomplished in your life? 
My answer: 1) travel a lot ; 2) happy marriage ; 3) nice job ; 4) stay in contact with my close friends and family forever ; 5) Have a good life (includes all of them) =))

My question: What is your summer vacation plan?

I'll tag: @justadreamer @victoiaasli @monica-kiss @elenasmile @nickianna 

Feel free to dismiss it if u don't wanna do it ... 

Thanks for the tag girls. It was fun doing it :)
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