i woke up with my arms around a naked woman, except it wasn't any naked woman, it was Jenna. she buried her head to my chest. i held her closer and kissed her hair.

"uhmm.. morning.." she groaned.

"good morning." i smiled.

"i feel like staying here all day. it's cold outside." she held me close.

"i like that idea." i leaned down and kissed her.

"but now, i'm gonna make us some breakfast. how about bagels?" she suggested.

"perfect." i said as i watched her walking out of my room with nothing on.

and then my phone rang, a new text message,

from: mother
message: u got a session with Dr. Ackerman today at 2. don't ask, just come.

shit. i totally forgot about this. mother must've checked on my schedule herself. bianca. sighed. 

"baby you're gonna help me or what?" jenna slightly shouted from the kitchen.

"yeah, let me put some pants on first." i said.

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xx illi
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