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“So if you love me, why d'you let me go?
…Said if you love me, won't you let me know?”
~ Coldplay – Violet Hill 

I kind of, sort of really adore Grace now that I’ve created her, like a female version of Shia :3 
…annnnnd I really want to hug her haha
With the bio, I might edit it later and make it longer/clean it up a bit so its not as choppy
{Song for the Set} Coldplay – Violet Hill
Full Name: Grace Emily Adler
Nickname(s): Gracie [the people that raised her, and Leo], Gracie Emmie Addie [something Shia calls her to get her attention], 
Blood Status: Muggle-Born 
Wand: 11” purple heartwood, fairy wing core
Profession/Job: ‘Master chef’ of the Loveless hotel in Hogsmeade, a free-lance babysitter
Age: 29 
Height: 5’6” 
Weight: roughly 133lbs. [she got curves like her older sister Yvaine] 
Eyes: Chocolate brown 
Hair: Platinum blonde/light blonde [it gets darker in the winter] 
Skin: Very fair
Personality: Rather shy when it comes to most people – particularly men, she doesn’t really blush she just tends to be a lot more quiet and not very talkative when one on one with those she doesn’t know; is one of the sweetest people you can meet but if you verbally harm someone she cares about she tells you off (in sort of the nicest way possible) but if you try to harm them physically she’s learned to quickly pull out her wand to defend them and herself; she really, really does not like it when strangers (men in particular) call her ‘sweetheart’ or ‘doll’ when they’re hitting on her – makes her want to hex them even if she generally never does; tends to hum and sing a lot without really knowing it – mostly when she’s baking; prefers to be around children and little kids more so than older ones – she babysits a lot and is always rather patient with them; tends to be very pessimistic when it comes to love – after hearing everyone’s love story of those who raised her, she fears she’ll have to suffer some giant traumatic event in order to find love; to those she knows, she tends to be very affectionate and more open to talking – she’s always hugging the girls and the boys that she grew up around and babysat as a teen as well as some of those who she went to school with; despite being shy she is rather confident when it comes to cooking, her intelligence, and her performing abilities (performing school plays at least and singing); 
Bio: Even if she had not suffered any real trauma as a child, Grace doesn’t truly remember anything before the age of three. Though she gets bits and pieces of her life with her parents – Bonnie and Thomas – it seems more like a bad dream she had one dark, stormy night; a dream of monsters and ogres that were rather cruel with punishments they their children whenever they stepped a toe out of line over the simplest of things. Yet, it was late one night when she was swept up into the arms of her big brother Shia, a ‘fair godmother’ named Imogene Gryffin, and a ‘bad-guy-turned-good’ named Corin Corvin. Though her parents had tried to make her believe that witches and wizards were ‘evil’, it never truly stuck in her head that such things were bad – especially since her brother, sister, and all of their friends were incredibly sweet and caring to her. 

Through heartbreaks of the others, deaths of those she had barely begin to know, and the pain all of them had experienced, it was at a young age that Grace started to become pessimistic about things such as princes coming to carry off maidens and what was ‘true love’. Everyone else had found theirs – Imogene and Corin, Shia and Mika, Mathies and Aella, even Dorian and Drizzle – but many at a rather sad cost, that tragedy and heartbreak being what had brought them together, and it is in this why she fears romantic love. Is she to suffer the same fate and have to experience some great tragedy in order to find ‘the one’? 

Raised between those who lived in NYC in and around their Off-Broadway apartment building, there could never be a little girl that could have been loved and cared for more, but that didn’t stop her from being rather shy when it comes to most people – on a one-on-one level – yet has a confidence inside of her that rivals that of her brother Shia’s when it comes to cooking and singing. At times she feels rather lonely, and fears the alternative of possible heartbreak of someone she may trust too much – for her ‘prince charming’ to turn into an ogre or a villain in her eyes – and then being alone doesn’t seem to hurt so much. Despite that mindset, she hopes for one day, that she finds someone that fits her perfectly, and even give her the happiness of a baby girl just like all of her aunties and uncles were blessed with. Let’s just hope whatever heartbreak she may end up suffering, doesn’t turn of her off of romantic love for good. 
OTHER – basic information: 
- Boggart: Shia’s mangled body 
- Patronus: Rabbit
- Parents: Bonnie + Thomas Adler 
- Siblings: Shia Adler-Donahue, Yvaine Adler (deceased) 
- Pet: A yorkie named Toto 
- Grandparents: Lionel Alder, 
- Aunts: Irene Adler, (not biological/actually related) Imogene Gryffin, Aella Grimm, Drizzle St. James 
- Uncles: David Heathrow, (not biological/actually related) Corin Gryffin, Mathies Grimm, Dorian St. James, Mika Adler-Donahue
- Cousins: Raoul Adler 
- Close Friends: Vick St. John, Violet Gryffin-Sanderson, Walker Sanderson, Toni Wingate, [she’s friends with a lot of the teens] Leo Gryffin, Elphie Gryffin, Glinda Adler-Donahue, Presley Grimm, Ava Grimm, Mina Gryffin, [might add] 
- She was raised by most of those that lived in NYC; two of the places she stayed frequently was between her older brother Shia and his non-biological ‘sister’ Imogene Gryffin – especially when she would get sick, she would go to Imogene because Imogene was one of the few of them who never/rarely get sick. 
- Considers Cullen and Amelia to be her grandparents as well as her biological grandfather Lionel Adler 
- Previously a Hufflepuff like her older siblings
- Previously Head Girl of Hufflepuff
…she strived for this since she entered school, asking the others to help her study to work her way up to winning the title and badge rightfully. 
- Is rather good of taking care of others when they were ill. As a child she was always given to Imogene to care for when she got sick – as Imogene could never get sick/catch her flue, cough, or illness – and learned much of what Imogene did to help make her better. Grandmere Wil also came quiet often when Imogene would have to go off to work to come care for sick Gracie, in which Grace learned more about healing people. 
- Although she is not exactly a master chef like her older brother Shia is, Grace loves to make pies of all kinds of flavors and fillings; she tends to prefer them over cakes, and uses lots of whipped cream. Her favorite pie is Pumpkin and she makes lots of them for Shia’s restaurant during the fall. 
- Because of being older than many of the other kids that she lives around, she tended to be everyone’s babysitter once people really started having kids and etc. Despite being awkward with love, she adores children and babies – and they seem to adore her too.
- Danced ballet as a child with Imogene, then began taking classes officially when Imogene opened up the ‘Master’s of Grace Dance Studio’ with Clara Huffler. She’s not /the/ best dancer, but she is rather graceful and light footed. 
- Can play piano like many of the others can in NYC; Imogene and Aella taught her how. 
- Played the harp while in Hogwarts; Aella helped her learn it, and helped her practice.
- Can sing, but generally never finds herself in a venue to – mostly she hums and sings while she’s cooking
…Voice: Ellie Goulding [blame Lizzie XDDD she said ELLIE when I said light voice for Grace lol] 
- Not the best at sewing but she is okay with repairing things like frayed hems and fallen-off buttons
- Likes ~ Music/Singers/Bands: Eisley, Ellie Goulding (lol), Coldplay, Adele, Seal,
- Likes ~ Movies: The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland (1999), My Fair Lady, Tim Burton movies, Edward Scissorhands, Wild Wild West (random I know), Kate & Leopold, 
- Likes ~ Shows: Pushing Daisies, The Munsters, the 10th Kingdom, Tin Man, Syfy’s Alice, 
- Likes ~ Books: Alice in Wonderland + Alice Through the Looking Glass, The Wizard of Oz, 
- Likes ~ Food: pies – of many flavors; Strawberry shortcake ice cream; Belgian waffles; strawberries; peaches; mangoes; crepes; 
- Likes ~ Random likes: rubies, Christian Louboutin (even if they’re fracking expensive), giant teddy bears, carnivals, 
- Dislikes: Homophobes; people who look down on muggle-borns/werewolves/people they deem ‘freaks’ or as ‘worthless’; 
[will add to all of these] 
Link to Home: [soon] 
Model: Michelle Williams 
Bio collection: [soon]
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