This is Anna. I really like her name. Anna Vega. I'm vaguely unclear on what the layout goin' on here is. Andbutso...let me know if you want credit. I kind of just mushed stuff together idk. 


Name: Anna Vega {called Vega by most people} 
Age: {19} 
Original Faction: Amity 
Likes: Leather, stories, security, winning, her younger brother Travis, insults (she tends to take them rather personally, but hides her true feelings), games that involve strategy. 
Dislikes: Amity, her father, being criticized, being told to show more emotion, being told she's too young, being thought of as "weak," happiness. 
Personality: She seems very quiet, but strong. She can be almost ruthless with people she doesn't know very well, but she's not as strong as she seems. She never takes sh-t from anyone, and she has a strong voice and opinion. 
Bio: Anna grew up in Amity, where everyone was sweet and friendly, and everything was sunshine. But from an early age, she found that life wasn't quite like that. Her father screamed at her when no one could hear, and he hit her. Anna never knew her mother - she died under suspicious circumstances before Anna was ten. She has a soft spot for her brother, Travis, who is still in Amity with her father. She hasn't seen him, but she wants him to make the right choice - to get away from their father before it's too late. In Dauntless, she has established herself as a strong transfer - especially coming from Amity, of all places. She rose quickly through the ranks and ended up becoming the leader soon after. That's not without its drawbacks, however. She finds it hard to relate to other people in the faction, especially the newer ones, and she's becoming increasingly cruel towards them without even realizing it. She's spent her whole life around brutality and pain - she chose that path when it came time. So she needs someone to pull her away from this self-destruction. 
Model: Gemma Ward
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