Grace Longbottom

Name: Grace Longbottom
Year: 6th
Blood Status: Pureblood
House: Gryffindor
Father ~ Neville Longbottom
Mother ~ Hannah Abbott
Brother ~ Frank Longbottom II
Personality: Grace is very stubborn and has a flaming temper. She's outspoken, talkative and very loud. She's clumsy but athletic. Grace is extremely loyal, brave and courageous, often doing things for others without thinking through the consequences. She's reckless, impulsive and has mild ADHD. She has a heart of gold and is extremely thoughtful, caring and understanding.
Appearance: Grace's chocolate brown hair cascades halfway down her back in soft waves. Her eyes are a pretty shade of brown, framed with long, dark eyelashes. Her eyebrows are thicker than most peoples but still maintain a nice shape. Grace has bow shaped full lips and a button nose. She stands at 5'5, being petite and slender.
Favourite Subject: DADA
Quidditch?: Yes, Chaser.
Love Interest: Grace is dating Xavier Wood. She's relatively happy, but doesn't feel passionate or in love. When she's with Albus, the whole world seems to light up. Yeah that sounds corny, but still. She doesn't want to ruin the friendship they have.
Secret: Is going to break up with Xavier.
Biography: Grace is the youngest child of Neville and Hannah Longbottom. She has a very close relationship with her brother Frank and tells him mostly everything. The Longbottoms grew up as very close friends with the Potter-Weasley clan and the Scamanders. She's a tomboy and knows how to compete with the boys. (WILL FINISH LATER. Maybe)

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