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hello fellow nail junkies! today is a super easy nail tutorial! I feel like I haven't done one in forever so let's go!


what you'll need:
-base coat
-at least 3 different shades of your favorite nail polish (light, darker, darkest)
-a foundation sponge
-top coat
-nail polish remover
-OPTIONAL. glitter nail polish (has to be little pieces!)

how to do it:

step 1;
apply you base coat. this will protect your nails from turning yellow and damaging it!

step 2;
take the lightest color out of your three and dab a little on your foundation sponge. you're going to dab it all over the bottom portion of your nails.

step 3;
take the next polish and repeat step 2.

step 4;
with your last polish, repeat it! :)

step 5;
if you have the glitter polish, go ahead and apply it. if not, apply top coat. this will make your nails shine :)

step 6; 
dip a Q-tip in nail polish remover and clean up around your nails. :)

and that's it! it's super simple right?! :) til next time, xoxo, karen :)
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