Yeppppppppp,It's my Graduation day!!!! I'm so happy from a bottom of my heart.
I just graduated from Engineering Faculty[Department] when I'm 20 [21 Korean age almost in 3 years[3/4] ... an early before my friends coz i study advance program since junior-high school also I'm graduated same year with my second brother..Congrats to you My Jesse.

Happy mode is all around,I'm not saying that much or gonna share sth in my life to my polyfriends but once i really want to say how I'm happy.

I spent most of times focus on study..7 days sleepless plus my baseball league,working yahhh lots of stuff.

My family never impress me to chosen studying Engineering my family have own business they want me to learn how to manage business but i dont want ,they're always thoughts this subject naturally made for boy.It's true my faculty 9 of 10 is boys.I'm one of 24 person,I lived like tomboy for 3 years my cloth full of gas,dirty,oil,messy hair style and got lots of Boys[friends] I'm so happy as the same time so sad to leave them.

The advantage i learn from boys i think I'm a carefree,challenge,strong nerve and i learn how to play guitar,drum from them Yep,I'm pretty good to play drum.but how sad i losing feminine side...that i really want to stay how cute like girls from business faculty.

Most of all,I've another works totally different from what's i study not in case of Entaneer but i still keep working on this subject. after this,I'm attending to study master in next semester[Yahhh may be i'll busy after June] ..I chose on field of Engineering Dep.[Architecture building design]....
I'm srry if i bothering you ,coz i'm so happy it's moment of happiness in my life.....

Good Bye Todai,Welcome Todai ..:)

P.S Todai =The university of Tokyo.
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