Top Set and Top Story for May 26th, 2013
Thank you soooo much @polyvore @polyvore-editorial!!! I really appreciate it :D

For Style Mission 3 #SM3 (We should hashtag this!)

13. Fantasy
The photos that are used in this set are a part of a collection called Fantasy, I am assuming that is the theme of the photoshoot. 

While I look at the jumpsuit, I keep thinking how difficult it must be to go to the bathroom, but it's an awesome jumpsuit!

This set is inspired by @herewithlu's awesome sets!

I was tagged by @gisfriends to do this tag:

1) Always post rules
2) Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 more
3) Tag 11 new people

1) Where do you live? In the US

2) What's your favourite movie? Ratatouille

3) Which is your favourite book character? I really like a character Sammy Keyes from a children's series of books

4) How many times have you travelled? Several, I know over ten, mostly to the states around me

5) Which are the things that make you love a guy?
Being a good friend, being a good leader, and being attractive

6) Your favourite Singer or band ;)
Oh this is hard. Well I mainly listen to Korean pop (if you couldn't tell :D) and right now I really like the band Shinee, but I also love The Koxx

7) Which was the first test you got a 10?? I have no idea, probably sometime in elementary school. Do you mean 100?

8) Your favourite nail painting color :)) Coral

9) Where do you wish you were born? Hmm, it would be cool to have been born in another country, then I would have been able to see it!

10)Your secret love? <3 None. Oh wait, I do: Cheese and Jelly sandwiches :D

11) Which is your favourite Disney movie? Mulan and The Emperor's New Groove

I was also tagged by @herewithlu to do the same tag:

1. What are you most passionate about in life? Creating

2. Who is your favourite musician or group? Shinee and The Koxx

3. What is the funniest thing that has happened to you or a close friend in the last few years? One time I fell and swung around right into a girl's lap on the bus. It was embarrassing but hilarious!

4. Do rollercoasters make you deliriously happy or scared out of your mind? (Yes, this is an either or, there is no in between!) Scared out of my mind!

5. I’m sorry, I have to go here, I’m running out of ideas – who, if anyone, do you have a celebrity crush on? Hmm, I like Chris Pine, but it's a microscopic crush :)

6. Do you play an instrument? Nope

7. If you could pass one law in your country right now, what would it be? I don't now, I just hope that it is important enough that people will try to follow it

8. If you had your ideal job, what would it be? Do you have it? It would be making concept art for an animation studio, and I don't have it right now!

9. What’s your favourite food? Cheeseburgers!

10. If you could sit down and talk to anyone in the world, Who would you talk to? Hmm, I know this is lame but all I can think about are k-pop singers. I am just curious about their actual personality rather than their image.

11. Who are you closest to in your family? My older sister

Happy Monday!
May 20th, 2013
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