Hey lovelies! Ever want to go on a date but don't know where to go? Here are some great places :)

O1;; A walk in the woods
This one is great for a first date. You take a long walk and talk to get to know each other. You could even have a picnic. It's fun and not too outlandish. It's also great if you both love going outside.

O2;; Volunteering somewhere together
You could both go to a soup kitchen and serve soup together. It's a great way to spend a lot of time together and help your community. However, I don't recommend this for a first date because it's not really the most romantic thing in the world (but you can talk a lot to him). If you two end up getting into a real relationship, then you can volunteer together on a regular basis. Other places to volunteer are animal shelters, nursing homes, or libraries.

O3;; Dinner and a movie
Here’s a classic date you could go on. Choose a nice restaurant (not too fancy, but not McDonald’s). Then go to a movie both of you would enjoy (maybe a romantic comedy). This would be the perfect first date. :)

O4;; An amusement park
If you both love roller coaster rides and arcade games, then an amusement park is perfect! You can go for the entire day and end with a more romantic dinner. 

O5;; Make a bucket list for the day and do as many things as possible on it
Here's a more creative idea. Some things you can do are: watching the sunset/sunrise together, buying a bouquet of roses and give them to people on the street that look like they need a bit of cheering up, walking on the beach together, having a picnic in the park, go jogging together, or having a water balloon fight. 

Have fun on your next date!♥

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