The Great House of Viselli

For several generations, the city state of Pagos has been ruled by the Viselli dynasty, one of the most powerful families on the continent. With incredible wealth and influence, the dynasty has a strong hold over their city and the immediate territory surrounding it. At the moment, they hold vast power not only in Pagos, but in Mailedo as well.
Much of the immediate family is based in Pagos, in the Viselli palace. Basilio de Viselli, the oldest of Caterina de Viselli's three surviving sons, rules the city. As a younger man, he led the Pagoan armies and acquired a great reputation as a ruthless warrior. Later, he retired from battle, establishing himself a successful businessman. His wife, the lady Loretta, is nearly twenty years younger than him, not uncommon, and mother to six children. She is not only one of the most beautiful women in the land, but a great business partner for her husband. Oldest is Giovanni, followed by Eugenio. Sanchia was married to the Duke of Vuilouis, and is now mother to an infant son. Next to marry will be Allegra, considered by many to be the jewel of the great house.
Ignazio de Viselli splits his time between his palaces in Mailedo and Pagos. Now, with the recent murder of his beloved wife, Elisabetta, and daughter, Felicia, the lord has become more reserved than usual. Ignzaio is widely feared and known as one of the greatest swordsmen in the entire land, though he doesn't shy away from using his pistols. When he was eighteen, he was captured by enemy Cemiloan forces, who took out one of his eyes. The story only widens his fearsome reputation. His son, Damaso, is in line to inherit his father's position.
The final of Caterina de Viselli's sons is Acacio. If Basilio is the businessman and Ignazio is the soldier, then Acacio is the politician. At a young age, he was raised to the rank of royal paladin, a great honor and privilege. The royal paladins almost act as a parliament, though with much less power. Still, Acacio has worked his way to the ear of the king. Like his brothers, he is ruthless. Rather than join the army like his brothers, Acacio studied at a university, sharpening his intelligence greatly. Like all paladins, Acacio cannot marry nor inherit lands or titles, though he did take a mistress. The young lord managed to enrapture Samona Sforza, one of the most beautiful courtesans in the land. Together, they have a single daughter, Lucrezia, who is married to the Duke of Ovria. It is widely believed that Samona died during child birth, but the well kept truth is that she was poisoned a few weeks after having her child.
Allegra de Viselli is considered the jewel of the dynasty. With Lucrezia, Marcella, and Sanchia all married to dukes and Felicia murdered, Allegra is the only available daughter of Viselli anyways. When she was fourteen, she was, too, married to a duke, though his love for men rather than women led him not to consummate the marriage, and he was divorced and then poisoned a year later. Allegra is beautiful and charming, very intelligent and generous. From a young age, Allegra has been gifted when it comes to manipulation. Her father always said if she had been a son, she would have made an incredible lawyer. Allegra even happens to possess one of the four keys to the Viselli vault.
The Viselli Vault is the stuff of legends. For generations, people have speculated where it is and what is inside it, despite the fact that the family denies its existence. The Vault is said to hold wealth beyond imagining, sparking keen interest from nearly every man. Several have spent years trying to find it. Basilio, Ignazio, and Acacio all hold fake keys to the vault, hidden extremely well. Caterina and Damaso also hold false keys. The upmost caution has been taken in the matter. Perhaps the best kept secret in the land is that there are four keys, and all of them are in the hands of Caterina de Viselli's most beloved granddaughters: Allegra, Lucrezia, Marcella, and, before her murder, Felicia. Upon her death, Felicia's key was sealed in her tomb.

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