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A place that, if you pick up on it due to history readings, is basically England in it's early, EARLY days when it was occupied by nomadic tribes. The Roman Empire goes here to see what the fuss was all about since it was documented in legends, so now they go there and encounter the demons and kingdoms that live within the land mass. It's a beautiful, green, and hilly place! :)
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    "THE MYSTERIOUS LAND OF FORTUNA" — @effyeahleofashionista
  • Take Me To Paradise..
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    "A landmass isolated near the Nordic Sea, almost directly into the ocean. It has been in the stories of legend yet has not been thought of as actually real." — @effyeahleofashionista
    Michelle Elizabeth, 15
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    "However, the legend has become one of truth and the Roman Empire plans on capitalizing on it's presence, whatever it may be." — @effyeahleofashionista
    i like my life gold, my clothes black, and my tea green.
  • Sarcasm in my Veins
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    "A land told in legends to be a great place lived in by the gods themselves, a land of fortune, wealth, and prosperity." — @effyeahleofashionista
    becky. twenty three. film graduate. englander. self confessed geek. music lover. happy eater. believes in the power of people. women's rights are human rights....
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    "They Roman Army and their consorts have been sent to this mysterious land to survey it and bring it's riches back to the Emperor Augustus." — @effyeahleofashionista
  • lightning storm sunsetprincess98
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    "Lead by a band of mysterious, eccentric travelers, they are navigated by boat to the island with ease." — @effyeahleofashionista
  • devoured.
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    "When approaching the land, they were met by a misty beach and damp sand." — @effyeahleofashionista
    and in that moment, the earth swallowed the moon whole, and all was devoured.
  • strawberry cults + sea foam skies.
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    "Sands and waters thought to be similar to that found in the Roman Empire." — @effyeahleofashionista
  • Tumblr
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    "They travel over bridges made of stone to the lower lands of Fortuna with their guides." — @effyeahleofashionista
  • Have My Bones
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    "On the low lands they run into the similarly bellicose and vagrant world controlled by the Kingdom of Maenad, a warmongering band of hundreds of people." — @effyeahleofashionista
    "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I have ever known." I own nothing, not even this quote.
  • does my blog make you sad?
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    "They dwell on the Eastern side of Fortuna in it's misty, foggy basins and cold weather." — @effyeahleofashionista
  • $✞☯FAST LIFE✞$☯
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    "They are the 'heathens' of the land, a civilization of people who satisfy their hedonism with murder, pillage, and theft as they claim to be descendants from both gods Mercury and Ares, much to the Romans pleasure." — @effyeahleofashionista
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    "Ahead to the West is the Kingdom of Skye, the opposing and incredibly rich people who the Maenad kingdom absolutely detest. Why? The Romans don't know." — @effyeahleofashionista
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    "The Kingdom of Skye, located high in the dry and slightly chilly hills and mountain ranges of Fortuna have amassed a wonderous kingdom rich in metals and spices." — @effyeahleofashionista
    i like my life gold, my clothes black, and my tea green.
  • devoured.
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    "Things that the Romans plan on taking for themselves while 'helping' the Maenads with their lies and guile." — @effyeahleofashionista
    and in that moment, the earth swallowed the moon whole, and all was devoured.
  • Passage
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    "Their kingdom is built in what is obviously an ancient Greek or Roman army village, which makes the Roman Army wonder why it was deserted in the first place." — @effyeahleofashionista
  • $✞☯FAST LIFE✞$☯
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    "Had their army failed? Certainly not. Perhaps they were killed off. No one is saying very much." — @effyeahleofashionista
  • (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
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    "The Kingdom of Skye owes their wealth to a mysterious deity by the name of Pothmos, an angelic, snake like goddess who showed them the treaures of the mountains in return for their devout love to her." — @effyeahleofashionista
  • Belle Atelier
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    "The goddess warns the king of the coming of destroyers, who he instantly thinks are the Maenads until the Romans arrive." — @effyeahleofashionista
    Lost passage
  • what a night to fly my kite on
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    "His people will make sure that they are not welcome, or perhaps they will all be slain by the Roman Army." — @effyeahleofashionista
    Hi I'm Lizzie. I live in Colorado and I like bats and good tunes and Kit Kats. Just meet me. ∞
  • black fresh hues color inspiration
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    "However, even with the two kingdoms fighting for their rights to the land of Fortuna among themselves, there is a bigger threat present." — @effyeahleofashionista
  • Dark Fairytales
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    "One previously unthought of." — @effyeahleofashionista
    Creepy....yet romantic
  • your heart is my piñata
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    "The presence of demonic forces runs high in the occupied lands of Fortuna. They are known as the Kingdom of Syn; shapeshifting off spring of Pluto himself." — @effyeahleofashionista
    Victoria Campbell 20yo - Australia Instagram: @theproserpina
  • graptoveria succulents
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    "A curse from the gods?" — @effyeahleofashionista
  • National Geographic Photo of the Day
    "Such things can be assumed as the demons devour the souls and bodies of men." — @effyeahleofashionista
    See a photo of lightning over Eyjafjallajökull volcano by Sigurdur Stefnisson, and download free wallpaper from National Geographic.
  • photography beautiful perfect sky hipster landscape Grunge clouds beach ocean sea color sunset quality capture vertical instant reblog soft grunge
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    "They are said to live only in darkness, from the darkest corners of the forests of Fortuna to the bottom of the sea." — @effyeahleofashionista
    photography beautiful perfect sky hipster landscape Grunge clouds beach ocean sea color sunset quality capture vertical instant reblog soft grunge
  • drop dead bitch.
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    "Yet they remain a mystery as they only come about when strife is not the most intense, possibly to rouse up more disgust and hatred between the kingdoms." — @effyeahleofashionista
    hello, i'm kendall and i'm an insecure mess.
  • em's wonderland.
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    "The Northern and Southern boundaries of Fortuna have not been fully ventured into for habitation." — @effyeahleofashionista
  • Flower Power
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    "They are seen as peaceful grounds to go to during the Summer solstice and to peacefully worship the gods, so they are not to be polluted by any party." — @effyeahleofashionista
    flower field
  • Gnarly, dude.
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    "of course, the Romans think otherwise." — @effyeahleofashionista
    ☯Get high and laugh at nothing ☯
  • Tumblr
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    "They plan on devouring the land to use it to build the ever growing Roman Empire." — @effyeahleofashionista
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  • In Twin Peaks: EPISODE 29, PAGE 2
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    "And many will die because of their voracious, dominating nature." — @effyeahleofashionista
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    "However, only time will tell if this is to happen." — @effyeahleofashionista
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@ducktape Great! There's a lot more to be retooled though when I get more inspiration and ideas. (P.s. I love your Aladdin icon)

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The more this re evolves the more I like it. Hopefully I'll have time to read through everything soon.


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