I was inspired by things i couldn't have at this moment. "esp weekend time for me to have a great outdoors to do,i am craving too much why this week?"

Totally annoying me that much i have a sore throat since 2 days ago,i thought what if going to day 3 i will get better coz i ever have been that before BUT NOOOOOOOOO! now i totally can't even drink water well,don't talking about cool drinks,cool fruits or spicy food i can't eat it.

I starting to take bitter herbals treat my throat since last night,i dislike it so badly since i was a kid when i got this sick my great grandma treat me with this bitter and i am always get better,because idh any solution,i went to hospital but too slow to get better i decided to used that bitter herbals aishhhh :(
i feels like fire burning around my neck area.

Look,i was including fresh kiwi,green tea my fab
hmmm...and i am not yet expert can ride a bike but i trying to ride it since last year why it's so hard when i even can drive motor bike and car very well and got licence.
when i see my siblings&friends go out cycling with those yummy i stuck in the house to waiting for my throat get healing.

a little share my complained guys,sorry!
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