ha. who's agree with the title? :D
yoo if someone asks me why i always make a chic set (most of are). they are right. yes. of course. but. why? oh hello, i do what i like to do :D and thats my style B)
if you dont like i make a chic set should i make a clown set? nice! maybe i should try someday ;) HAHA!!

this set is for:
@patpatkay for her freaking gorgeous set, and herself. YO GIRL i love the way you make me cant stop laughing! and i think you need to gimme more oxygen tank :p

@hijabikebabi my new polyfriend and somehow i like you, omg what?! i like you?!!! yes, for a friend. of course. and thanks for make a set for me oops i meant thanks for make a WONDERFUL SET for me. and eid mubarak too!! and gonna say.......
A VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR YAA!! sorry if its too early. i think i cant do it for that day cause i'm so busy with my school +_+ enjoy your year and have a blessed day!!! xoxo

today i just check my activity and polyvore says "CONGRATULATIONS! you now have over 500 followers" and then i check my profile then guess what i see? my follower is under 500- its still 494-_- whats happening with polyvore? or maybe some peoples unfollowed me? if so, oh nooo T_T

and yeah. its my first day to go to school. again. and oh how i miss my frieeeeeenddddd!!! i'm feeling so ksadjf freaking happy! idk why but i always miss my friend even they're in my side. oh well, yes, sound.... weird. but however, how much i miss my friends so badly i even never miss you- yes, i'm talking to you, homework. i make a special letter for my BELOVED HOMEWORK. i think. this:

that time when the lesson almost over. that time when the teacher starts to talking what i and my friends dont like to hear it. yeah, dont like to hear something about you. when the teacher says "i have a homework for you", and our faces just like --> D: :O >:( and some screams of "oh my godddddd" "nooooooo" and whispers of "i hate you homework" "can you teacher please stop giving us homeworks?".. i never know students answer "yippe!!!" "this is what i'm waiting along the time!!" "i miss you oh homework!!" with this face --> :D XD
thats the fact. so i hope you will not come to my life anymore,you can come. but please not always. maybe once in a year? :)
with love and kisses, dea-

i hope this letter will send successfully to the homework :)
and oh my what. i'm going to do a math task but then i open my facebook twitter and polyvore, of course. and i just ignore my math task HAHAHA omg how dare i am. i have so many homeworks during holiday. and now beside a math task i have a task to draw a map of europe!!!!! i think i'm going to die. so i need to finish this set and do my tasks ASAP

hope you like it!!!! xxx

ps. i just bought that mustache ring today and I WAS IN LOVE with it. so i was trying to make a set with that ring ;)
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Wrote 4 years ago
thanks @claramd @littlemisskittykat @majksister :)

Wrote 4 years ago
♥ Superb! ♥

Wrote 4 years ago
so pretty

Wrote 4 years ago
Love this!



By lusy_lusy (limit; contests)

By lusy_lusy (limit; contests)

! WELKOME ! This group is for everyone who loves fashion. I want to see a lot of fresh,
beautiful, original and stylish sets. It is only fashion. Be creative ! Of course I like contests=) I will be happy if you will be a member of my group!

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
(Oscar Wilde)

Classy & Fabulous! (contests)

Classy & Fabulous! (contests)

Welcome to Classy & Fabulous!
This group is mainly dedicated to contests.
Here, you can post all your fashion sets and hopefully, those you submit here will get more views and "likes".
I'd also appreciate if you could share the group url with your polyfriends so they could also become members.

* The Golden Age *

* The Golden Age *

Welcome!!! Join and enjoy !!

Designers of the Future (Fashion Group)

Designers of the Future (Fashion Group)

Attention: This is a SOLELY fashion group. If you like art, please join my art/interior design/doll/etc. group: http://www.polyvore.com/rising_sun_art_interior_design/group.show?id=144489 Thanks!
New Rule: Please don't enter the next contest if you were a winner last time. I want everyone to have a fair chance at winning ;) Thanks and feel free to enter the next next one :)
Do you love fashion? Do you love fun? Well, this is the group for you! Anyone is welcome! I look forward to seeing a lot of amazing sets! We have contests regularly! Please tell all of your friends to come too!!!! :) The more the merrier! We will have a celebration at 3000 members! Please help with this goal!



Welcome! Here you will find fashion of different countries, languages​​, cultures and peoples. You can explore cultures that you did not even know it existed or talk with a person from a country far away with whom you have so much in commom. Polyvore is this: done for us and depend on us .. Let's show our individuality in collectivity.Let´s leave our mark in the world .. All cultures, fashions, styles, all people are welcome! Contests for all, all week.
Seja bem-vinda(o)! Aqui você encontrará a moda de diversos países, linguas, culturas e povos. Você poderá explorar culturas que nem imaginava que existiam ou conversar com uma pessoa de um país tão distante com gostos tão parecidos com o seu. O Polyvore é isso: feito por nós e depende de nós.. Vamos mostrar nossa individualidade na coletividade. Deixar nossa marca no mundo. Todas as culturas,modas, estilos e pessoas são bem vindas! Contests para todos, todas as semanas.




16,287 sets from 511 members. Ended three years ago.
Hello! I want to say thank you for visiting my group and taking part in my contests! I am happy that this group has been growing with every day! Wish you all the best! You can enter any sets!
NO LIMIT| 2 weeks | 12 winners| 3 trophies =))

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