Greek Allure by Eleni Fragopoulou

Greek Allure was inspired by the purity of classic shapes and the clean lines in ancient Greek art. With this collection I wanted to bring out the inner dynamic of simplicity with archetypical shapes in pieces of jewelry that will last in time. Most items of the collection are made using the repousse-chasing technique where the design is embossed on pitch, a traditional process that dates back to the Bronze Age and is applied up to now to create contemporary designs.
  • Hera
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    Feel like a goddess with an artful necklace! The ancient technique of hammering metal revives in its best with this simple and yet opulent necklace, part of the Greek Allure collection by Eleni Fragopoulou, set in gold plated sterling silver. It is a unique hammered piece where the repoussé-chasing technique is applied to create a three-dimensional base-relief surface. An imaginary journey through the history of classical times for classy appearances! ▶ Fashion Tip: Wear it together with Minerva's Edge bracelet, a maxi white dress and golden sandals or with a total black play-suit and shine like the queen of the Olympian Pantheon. Details ◈ Collection : Greek Allure. ◈ Category : Necklace. ◈ Type : Collar Necklace. ◈ Materials : Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver. ◈ Dimensions : 18cm width, 19.7cm height. ◈ Weight : 136 grams. ◈ Product Code : EF-GA-GS6.
  • Venus Pendant
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    A pendant inspired by the classic beauty of the goddess of beauty! Meticulously crafted from gold plated sterling silver using the repoussé-chasing technique, this pendant represents the simplicity of classical art. It is made up of two crescents, which come together to form a sculptural shape resembling a leaf. The metal surface is decorated by hammering the design from the inside and then polishing it up in front with a chasing hammer, creating a base-relief effect. A statement piece of jewelry that will complement your everyday outfits. It comes with a gold plated silver chain. ▶ Fashion Tip: A unique geometric handmade accessory, that is ideal for plain tops and shirts. Team up with Artemis ring or Venus Kiss earrings to add an elegant touch to any day or evening look. Details ◈ Collection : Greek Allure. ◈ Category : Necklace. ◈ Type : Pendant Necklace. ◈ Materials : Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver. ◈ Dimensions : 7.2cm width, 10cm height head, 80cm chain. ◈ Weight : 35 grams. ◈ Product Code : EF-GA-GS4.
  • Athena's Spear
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    Strictly chic art earrings! How can such a simple shape create such an amazing look? Inspired by the strict archaic forms, this pair of earrings is part of the Greek Allure collection that features jewelry crafted using the repoussé-chasing technique. It is set in gold plated sterling silver and the design is hammered from the backside, producing a base-relief surface. The earrings can be worn in two ways, having the main part worn either on the front or on the back of the earlobe. Create a mystique allure outcome complementing a black or white evening dress. Simply chic! ▶ Fashion Tip: A geometric statement piece that can be twisted. Pair it with the Artemis ring, a wraparound top and leather leggings. Details ◈ Collection : Greek Allure. ◈ Category : Earrings. ◈ Type : Drop Earrings. ◈ Materials : Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver. ◈ Dimensions : 1.7cm width, 5.8 cm drop. ◈ Weight : 12 grams (as a pair). ◈ Product Code : EF-GA-GS2.
  • Venus Kiss
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    Attention-capturing earrings made for everyday glam! A gold plated pair of dangle earrings, elegantly crafted in high quality 925 sterling silver. The earrings are part of the Greek Allure collection by Eleni Fragopoulou, that features hammered jewelry, where the repousse-chasing technique is applied producing a three-dimensional base-relief surface. Get complimented on your style wearing those earrings with a cocktail dress, or add up some glam on a more casual outfit! ▶ Fashion Tip: Accessorize them with stylish work-wear or an elegant dress. Whatever the look, team them with the Artemis ring, to lend edge to evening glamour. Details ◈ Collection : Greek Allure. ◈ Category : Earrings. ◈ Type : Dangle Earrings. ◈ Materials : Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver. ◈ Dimensions : 5cm width, 8.8 cm drop with hook. ◈ Weight : 32 grams (as a pair). ◈ Product Code : EF-GA-GS1.
  • Minerva's Edge
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    Minerva's edge bracelet is a captivating hammered polished cuff, handcrafted with gold plated silver, adjustable to any wrist - exclusively for blingsense
  • Artemis Ring
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    Asymmetrical ring set designed to enhance your hands and your style! An adjustable ring that has gained its form by the repoussé and chasing technique with the aid of a chasers pitch. A traditional and time consuming technique used up to our days to create a hammered three-dimensional outcome, utilizing the plasticity of silver to form the desirable shape. Wear a statement ring and add glamour and dynamics to your evening outfits! ▶ Fashion Tip: Bold, chunky rings are one of the most popular statement jewelry options for the A/W season, since they are easy to wear to add a rock-chic niche to your outfit. Boost it up with Minerva's Edge bracelet if you aim for a glorious entrance! Details ◈ Collection : Greek Allure. ◈ Category : Ring. ◈ Type : Fashion Ring. ◈ Materials : Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver. ◈ Dimensions : 1.2cm width, 7cm perimeter, 5.6cm large edge, 3.3cm small edge, open ring / one size. ◈ Weight : 10 grams. ◈ Product Code : EF-GA-GS3.

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