Greek Goddess Wedding Inspiration
  • Metropolitan Building Marie Antoinette Inspired Photo Shoot by Judy Pak Photography
    還陶醉在這輯由 Tim Walker 執掌、Kate Moss 擔任主角那輯在 Ritz Paris 酒店拍攝的照片嗎?(先前的 post) 今天要分享同樣以 Sofia Coppola 所執導的電影 Marie Antoinette 為靈感,不過今回的場景由 Ritz Paris 酒店移師到紐約熱門的婚禮地點 Metropolitan Building 。攝影師將凡爾賽宮的奢華雄偉轉化為一場充滿戲劇性的現代婚禮。除了各式擺設,照片中幾位主角們更一展華麗風采,讓這場少了新郎的夢幻婚禮亦美得不可言語~![via]
  • Keke Lindgard is a Beach Beauty for Blank by Paul de Luna
    The Sea, The Sky--The gorgeous Keke Lindgard heads to the Bahamas with this beach-themed shoot for the latest issue of Blank Magazine. The blonde model reu
  • Gisele Bündchen romantique et fleurie pour H et M
    Nouvelle égérie H&M, Gisele Büdchen a pris la pose pour présenter la nouvelle collection printemps/été de la marque
  • A Modern Day Fairytale Wedding in a Secret Garden
    "Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale... Anonymous These adorable images have been literally jumping out of the folder to be featured since I received them. I am in love with them. Pink, layered, vintage tulle. Wildflowers and pretty horses. A delightful fairytale inspired scene and a touch of the ethereal? It's fairytale wedding perfection in a wedding blog post made all the sweeter because the look this shoot is tyring to achieve is so accessible to today's modern bride. These photographs are sprinkled all over with a touch...
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