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  • Crate & Barrel Granny Smith Apple Fruit
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    Even Granny Smith would be proud of this decorative apple so realistic you'll be tempted to take a bite. Polyurethane and plastic. Made in China.
  • Pier 1 Imports Artificial Green Apples
    Pier1 Artificial Green Apples - Paper. No deity made these little green apples, that’s for sure. But they are beautifully crafted from non-edible, non-spoiling materials so they’ll bring color to your bowls and platters for seasons to come.. Green. Each: 3"Dia x 2.75"H. Polystyrene foam, nylon, paint, metal, paper. Set of 5. Green.
  • Free Food Photos |
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    Free food photos: fruits, vegetable, drinks, meals, sweets, etc. A photo library of food related images.
  • Key Ingredient Avocado 6 Simple Sandwich Makeovers
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    Build a better (and healthier) sandwich with these 6 key ingredients, which boost nutrition and flavor.
  • Key Ingredient Pear 6 Simple Sandwich Makeovers
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    Build a better (and healthier) sandwich with these 6 key ingredients, which boost nutrition and flavor.
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  • Alessi Programma 8 Salad Set
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    Design Franco Sargiani & Eija Helander, 1975. Stainless steel, glass, stoneware. Made by Alessi. "The most evolved system of household objects ever created on an international level" -Alessandro Mendini. Franco Sargiani and Eija Helander designed "Programma 8" as a systematic and comprehensive project of small modular and stackable household items. This was based on the very same methodological premise of the "international style" architecture of the period: the theory of open-system meta-design ideal for the free composition of unlimited living and formal models. This design concept radically overhauled the implements used for table and kitchen service, oriented towards maximum practicality and flexible use. This innovative set for salad includes a stainless-steel tray, 1 stoneware salad bowl, a set of serving spoons and a condiment set (oil, vinegar, salt & pepper). Stainless steel tray: 14.8" L | 8.9" w. condiment set: 8.9" L| 3.0" w | 9.4" h. Salad bowl: 8.9" L & W | 4.5" h. serving utensils: 11.4" L.
  • Spicy Salmon With Bok Choy and Rice
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    Putting together a healthy, simple dinner shouldn’t feel like swimming upstream. Just try one of these tasty recipes.
  • Snack cakes and diets
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    Employers are sampling a smorgasbord of options to encourage wellness, from lower...
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    Made from 100% Polyester. Dimensions: 15.5" diameter x 4"
  • Fruit Bowl Basket Black Metal Fruit Bowls
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    Fruit becomes an attractive centerpiece with this Black Metal Bowl with unique retro design! Measures 10W x 3.25H inches - from
  • Яндекс.Картинки: поиск изображений в интернете
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    Забавные картинки, заставки для рабочего стола, схемы и иллюстрированные инструкции - ответы на ваши вопросы в виде изображений
  • Blomus 1-1/2 Litre Water Carafe, Silver
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    The Aqua carafe features a striking elegance and functionality. The stainless steel lid is easily removable while the silicone gasket assures a firm fit. The solid, double-walled base gives it the needed stability and adds value. The large opening of the carafe allows easy filling and cleaning. Also, refreshing compliments such as lime or lemon and ice cubes can easily be added. The lid is designed to hold back any of these additions while pouring so only the water, iced tea or any other beverage will be poured into the glass. Designed to fit into a standard refrigerator door. Dimensions: 4.15 IN x 10.07 IN x 10.07 IN.
  • Menu A/S Water Jug/Carafe - 1.3L
    The Menu Water Carafe celebrates the beauty and versatility of water as a beverage choice. The tall, slim body is sleek and simple, with a slightly concave design for a firm grip. The lid- - perhaps our favorite feature - is equipped with a mechanism that automatically opens when you pour, and only allows liquid to escape. No splashing ice cubes, and your lemon-cucumber-mint infusion stays where it belongs. Packaged in branded gift box.
  • Eva Solo - Fridge Carafe white 1.0 l
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    The design of the fridge carafe by Eva Solo leans on the form of a classic milk carafe. It has a wide mouth, enabling a drop-free pouring. At the same time, lemon slices or ice cubes can easily be filled in it. The carafe fits in fridge-doors without any problems and it is still pleasant to be held. The Eva Solo patented Flip-Top lid automatically opens when the bottle is tilted, ensuring an easy grip of the carafe. This one is furthermore surrounded by a neoprene jacket, offering an optimal insulation, keeping drinks fresh even outside of the fridge. Thanks to the integrated zip closure, the neoprene jacket is easy and fast removed. Besides the attractive shape of the carafe, also the colour-distinguished zip closure is a visual highlight and does not only make a practical kitchen utensil out of the fridge carafe, but also an appealing design object.
  • Menu A/S Water Jug/Carafe - 27oz - Steel Lid
    This water jug holds 0.8 L and fits handily in the refrigerator door shelf. The elegant lid of the jug opens automatically when you pour, holds back ice cubes and slices of lemon, and makes sure you avoid off-taste from other foods and drinks in the fridge. The slender shape ensures a good grip on the waist of the jug - and gives it an elegant, unique look. Want more? Packaged in branded gift box.
  • Menu Design Menu - Norm Cool Carafe
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    It is nearly possible to see the freshness: The Norm Cool carafe by Menu keeps drinks on an enjoyable temperature with its integrated cooling tube. The designers of Norm focused on harmonizing the clear Scandinavian design style with its function during the creation of their Cool carafe. This is how it is nearly possible to see how refreshing the content is. The iconic shape of the bottle however, doesn’t distract from the real utility of the Menu Norm Cool carafe: To quench thirst effectively. The cooling staff in the Menu carafe has water inside of it – which is why it can simply be “recharged” inside of the freezer. The lid consists of stainless steel, which offers a noble appeal to the carafe. The silicone seal ensures that the sophisticated appealingly promise is kept and the Manu Norm Cool carafe remains absolutely drop-free.
  • Menu Design Menu A/S - Water jug 1 liter
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    The designer Jakob Wagner started out with the classic bottle archetype, which in the new interpretation shows a smooth, square shape and a stainless steel with silicon colar. The colar protects the glas and holds back drops before they can drip down outside of the bottle - it also hides a disrete lid, that tilts automatically when pouring. The lid keeps out insects and pollen when used outside - and at the same time it ensures that everything your can fill into a bottle, like ice cubes, lemon, mint leaves or strawberries, stays inside. "I like it when my work has a natural balance", says Jakob Wagner. "Therefor the upper part of the bottle is a good example. It protects the glas, yet opens so you can see the content. There is a contrast between the open and the closed bottle - and therefor a balance".
  • Secrets to Making Signature Mojitos
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    The Mojito is a proven crowd pleaser and an absolute must for every mixologist to perfect. To that end, the following are the best-kept secrets behind America’s greatest Mojitos:
  • Cool Off Martha Stewart s Beach Essentials
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    Between running her media empire and finishing a new cookbook, Martha Stewart took time to reveal what she packs when she indulges in a well-deserved break at the coast.
  • Beverages
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    Beverages & Drinks for the Catering Industry inclusing Still Water, Sparkling Water, Ornage Jiuce, Apple Juice, Blackcurrent Juice, Chocolate, Coffee, Teas & Milkshakes.
  • menu Carafe With Smart Lid
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    This menu carafe is the perfect way to serve your favorite beverages! Its slender shape looks elegant on the table. The stainless steel and silicone lid automatically opens when you pour and closes when you set the carafe back on the table. The smart lid holds back ice cubes, lemon slices etc. Holds 34 ounces. Measures 3.5"w x 10.5"h. By the Danish design house, Menu.

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