Pears, according to Scott Cunningham, are a fruit to use in love spells. I would wager that the red ones would be more suited to this purpose than the golden ones. He also claims that they are an aphrodisiac. (In my opinion, Scott Cunningham had a tendency to list the love, lust and prosperity properties of magical ingredients far more than any other author. Was he looking for love? I don't know.) Lexa Rosean claims pears are useful for protecting children and blessings. They also encourage health according to Patricia Telesco's "A Kitchen Witch's Companion".. The Chinese portrayed golden pears in their folklore to signify long life (If you've read "Journey to the West", you might remember the pear tree Monkey gets into trouble with) and prosperity, but they also do not share pears with loved ones. The word for pear and the word for separate in Chinese sound the same, and sharing a pair is inviting separation. In some areas of Germany, pear trees were planted to celebrate the birth of a daughter.
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