Yay! Another collage! :D 
Song: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson (This song seriously used to b my anthem when I was little. Still is :))
Day 13:
Three confessions of your choice
(I skipped #12 as I don't have Tumblr to clip my picture from)

1) I am incredibly insecure about my looks and personality (Which makes me an incredible hypocrite).

2) I act like I don't give a crap about what everyone says about me, but I really do.

3) Polyvore is my safe-haven. Nobody judges me, because everyone else is just as weird as I am. I can be myself.

To all my Poly-friends who read this - I lurve you! ^_____^

If you did actually read all of that. Give yourself a pat on the back and a nice slice of cake. You deserve it :)
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