Once auditions are over, I will add the family members after each family description, and their character bios!
Nicolette Taylor Bianchi - @thecittadevil
Giuliana Rosalie Nero - @little-miss-rae
  • here's a toast to the end.
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    The Bianchi family owns the Grotta Square on the island of Capri. No one knows how much money they make a day from that square, but it's ridiculous! The family is always home because their business is right in town. They are very friendly and are known by everyone because they are always walking around the town. No one really hates this family, and they don't hate anyone else. They are extremely well-liked, and host a great deal of galas for the island of Capri that bring Arruzza Grotta and Blue Grotta together for the night.
    Also, the Bianchi family are cousins to the Lombardi family. Mr. Lombardi is Mrs. Bianchi's brother. The family's are very close to one another." — @thecittadevil
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    "Nicolette Taylor Bianchi
    Age: 19
    Likes: Capri, her friends, traveling, Italian cuisine, meeting new people, make-up, studs, glitter, partying, high heels, her iPhone, wandering around the town
    Dislikes: Studying, the color pink, disrespectful people, school, cheaters, break ups, sleazy guys, sleazy girls
    Style: She likes to wear darker colors with maybe a pop of a lighter color. She likes anything with a nice heel on it, studs, and anything up to date with the latest fashion trends. She's quite the shopaholic.
    Bio: Nicolette loves living on Capri. Her family started on Capri, and built Grotto Square. She knows this island like the back of her hand, except for the families from Blue Grotto. Unlike many Italians, she doesn't mind the newbies and wants to become friends with them and make them feel welcome here. Nicolette, or Nico as her friends call her, is very friendly. Sometimes she can get an attitude towards you if you rub her the wrong way. A lot of people are intimidated by her because of her family's status on Capri, so they think she's the Queen of this place. Nicolette doesn't see herself to be that Queen B at all, but little does she know it; she is the girl to be friend with. She's very loving and caring, so why do people fear her? Nico has no clue. But once you get to know her, she will be your best friend.
    Storyboard: TO COME
    Model: Sarah Stephens
    Taken: @thecittadevil" — @thecittadevil
  • It's gotta be you, only you ✲
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    The Nero family is very high up in the fashion world. The great-great-great-great grandfather helped to establish New York Fashion Week when he was on a business trip in New York. The family gets to be a part of many fashion events around the world. Their parents prefer to work at home, but sometimes they are forced to travel for their work. Because of their work, they have influenced their children to have an eye in the fashion world." — @thecittadevil
  • Beauty : Faces / Hair / Make up / Lily Donaldson
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    "Giuliana Rosalie Nero Age: 20
    Likes: yoga, natural makeup, sushi, fashion week, houndstooth, project runway marathons, modeling, the color mint, high heels, being happy, cities, lace dresses, her boyfriend (harrison), airplanes, babies, weddings, giving people makeovers, after parties, victoria beckham, couture
    Dislikes: paparazzi, sneakers, being cold, her eating disorder, horror movies, reality tv shows like jersey shore, rap music, shy people, the gothic look, divas, being underestimated, messes, wearing menswear (other than blazers), people who assume she’s a dumb blonde, fighting
    Style: G’s style is very classic but girly. Her closet is full of a lot of basic yet essential pieces such as blazers, plain tank tops, and high heels. That being said she does own a lot of dresses, skirts, and pearls. She’s not a big fan of diamonds unless they’re in an engagement ring.
    Bio: If anybody had to be the angel of the Nero family, Giuliana is who we would’ve placed our money on. Going on looks alone, G slightly resembles a cherub with her messy, dark blonde curls and blue eyes, never mind her relaxing smile. If this is your first time meeting her, you’ve probably already seen her face in magazines and on billboards due to her career as a model. With her family connections and body to go on, slipping into the fashion industry wasn’t as hard as it is to stay relevant. Despite the fact she’s a hot commodity, G’s feeling the pressure from the clients, her agents, and worse, herself. Beneath the surface, Giul is troubled by an eating disorder; not that anybody would guess though by the way she slaps a smile on her face. The only thing that keeps her relatively sane is her photographer boyfriend, Harrison and her close friend, Nicolette but even with them and their support, G’s slowly finding herself fighting a losing battle. Don't get her wrong, she loves being a part of the fashion industry but it's nearly tearing her apart.
    Storyboard: --
    Model: Lily Donaldson
    Taken: @little-miss-rae" — @thecittadevil
  • Absolutely Insane Resolution to Live By.
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    The Moretti family is known for their winery in Italy. They serve the finest wine and it is very costly, but certainly worth it! The deliver their wine around the world, and have a company that does it for them. Their family has owned this company for more than 80 years, and each and every adult has become an alcoholic from it. They're hoping their children do not follow that path, but with all the bottles of wine lying around the house, who knows what will happen." — @thecittadevil
  • lavelaundry
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    The Costello family is very glamorous. They are always hosting extravagant galas at their mansion, or the muesuem they own in Sicily. The muesuem was created in the late 1700s, and has been passed down the family line. The parents are madly in love, and both go away on trips together to relax, or to get new items for their muesuem. Their kids have the house to themselves a lot, and we will see how they handle that." — @thecittadevil
  • I loved you forever
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    The Arcuri family is known for helping to restore Italian architecture in Capri, and all across Italy. They take on new architectural projects as well, and some of the families in Azzurra Grotta don't approve of that, but the Arcuri family is one of the richest families in the region, so they could care less of what people think of them. Generally, they are very nice people, and the parents have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere in their home. The children appear to be sweet and innocent, but who knows what goes on when the parents are away on projects!" — @thecittadevil
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    The Lombardi family are cousins to the Bianchi family. Mr. Lombardi is Mrs. Bianchi's brother. The family's are very close to one another. Anyway, they own the only college located on the island of Capri. It is a grand campus that is highly esteemed for its work, teachers, and graduates. The campus has been their since the beginning of time, and of course their children will be attending it! Their parents practically live there; the father has taken the role of dean and the mother is a world culture teacher. They are very educated, and hope their children will follow their path. Will they, or will they rebel?" — @thecittadevil
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    The Ricci family owns the most well-known theater in all of Italy. The ownership has been passed down form their relatives for centuries. Grand operas, plays, and a variety of performances have been performed here with very well known artists, actors, and singers. Because of this, the family gets to meet all kinds of celebrities, and host their own events on the stage. The parents are very snobby about their great power and wealth in Italy. Will their kids embrace their parents, or be embarrassed of what they've become?" — @thecittadevil
  • We take sour sips from life's lush lips.
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    The Giarrusso family has been through a lot together. They're family tree has established so much wealth through politics, that they do not have to work anymore. Their father was a politician in Italy, and was murdered on a business trip to South America a few years ago. Now, the mother is trying to raise her children by herself, but good thing she doesn't need to work because they have their great-great-great-great-etc relatives that were also in politics. Because of their fathers death, they are a very close family that come together during tragic events. Of course they fight, but they are a very loving family." — @thecittadevil
  • a city lit by fireflies
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    The Grecco family is an artsy family. They have dozens of well known and accomplished artists in their family line. All of the Grecco family art work is displayed in the Costello's muesuem. The parents and children are all into art as well, some prefer painting or drawing, while others are more into photography. Family members tend to travel a lot or spend time outside the house to get inspiration for their work. They aren't the closest family, or so it seems. Some of the members are quite interesting, while some appear to be normal." — @thecittadevil
  • i feel the wind start to remind me of you
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    The Belvedere family loves to travel together. They have been all over the world, and have memoirs displayed in their home to prove it. This family is together so much that they are constantly fighting, from minor to major disputes. No one knows about the fighting though because they put up a front. The family can afford to travel because of the law firm that has been passed down the family tree. You might think that how could a boring lawyer have fun with his family? Well you don't know if the father really does or what he's up to." — @thecittadevil

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