Includes addresses of Groups I joined and others that I might rejoin.

This is from Puttin on the Ritz-moderators beggarmagik and incogneato.
2)Skorps World Clan Art Group: Contests Victorian, etc.
3)Skorps Art Group II-
Moderated by dorothy123, sallison123 and skorps.
Fantastic Contests regularly, Various subjects like Dark - Medieval - Victorian - Adventure - Steam Punk - Romantic - Gothic - Surreal - Mystical & Magical and much more. Join this group now and have fun creating.
4)Art Forever-
Moderated by thinkerbells, sparkle-swift13 and quidditch-fan.
5.Childrens Artwork-Moderated by littlelady956.
I like desings for kids and I would like that you to participate in it . Thanks.
6)The hiding Place-
Moderated by suburbhater, memorykeeper, sasssysweeet, ellen-hilart, lynjane and simplypj.
Our mantra to deal with problems is - delete, block, ignore; report where necessary and Never Ever rise to the bait!
Moderated by maryanne-busuttil, crescentmoon12, loveliest-back and peachynoosha.
Hellooo ladiiiies❤,
8)Pretty As A Picture-
Moderated by heartbreaker95 and adorablet.
Thanks to: ♥MartinaStella♥ for this beautiful set!!! Check out her site!
"Pretty as a Picture" is open to all, fashion, interiors, and art!
9)The Alexander McQueen Group-
Moderated by ilovelucy1029.
Hello, welcome to The McQueen Group
This group is for everyone who loves anything Alexander McQueen.
Please visit my profile at:
please also join my other 2 groups too!
10)You Are Wow-
Moderated by xtinasorensen, bjankamedic and you-are-wow.
11) Polyvore's Next Topsets-
Moderated by xenia and sunflower1.
Everyone is invited to join!
Any kind of sets are welcome:
Thanks lovelys ♥
12)lingerie and underwear-
Moderated by somatramoroi, sisma1982 and rosario
13)Everything you want in a group:
14)Creativity, Art and Feelings:
15)-I was running out of space on the description area. I put the addresses on under the pictures and
I would most of you know where to find the information for the groups. Thank you.


Wrote three years ago
oh thank you :))

Wrote three years ago
Thank u :D

Wrote three years ago
If my collection is outstanding or anything that you all like--it's because of your sets. It simply is a group of sets that represents all the groups that I am a part of that I joined because of things that I was interested in. I had a lot more, but then felt that I was getting so many on and hardly had time to even look at the sets and there are others that I saw --the adjustment I guess to all the talented artists that work on Poly. You all are the artists and interesting to meet many of you.

Wrote three years ago
Thanks to @heartfinds and @penelope-dreadful for your comments. It's not always easy there are so many good sets and sometimes I try to put on sets that are a variety, but this was for the groups that I joined and others that I had on and tried to use the Christmas sets because they didn't all have sets for their groups and they are really pretty. Glad that you all like.

Wrote three years ago
Great Collection-thanks for adding my set :)

Wrote three years ago
Thank you for adding my set to your lovely collection.

Wrote three years ago
@pinkflamingorose thank you much dear for adding my sets, i'm honored.

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
@pinkflamingorose My pleasure sweetheart, wishing you and your a superb Christmas and a grand New Year.

Wrote three years ago
Thank you !!!! Merry Christmas :) :D :*

Wrote three years ago
you're welcome-my pleasure @mzdiamondgirl

Wrote three years ago
WOW, wonderful collection
Thank you for featuring my set

Wrote three years ago
You're welcome. @skorps. Thank you for being a friend. Hope that you and your family all have a Merry Christmas.

Wrote three years ago
@pinkflamingorose Thank you for adding my set to your outstanding collection.


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