Growing Up Phantomhive

A pirate child, about to be executed with no criminal charges against her, is saved by a shout from the crowd. A tall dark figure parts the sea of people out to view the mass execution.
As he moves closer to the platform, a young man can be seen at his side. The boy hands a scroll of parchment tied with a silk ribbon to the police officer heading the execution.
"Young Earl Phantomhive, you have no business being here," the officer said to the boy, but the boy merely motioned to the scroll.
"I have authority, by proxy of the Queen. You are not to execute this girl." The officer looks dumbstruck and hastily skims through the letter.
With a growl, the officer motions for the executioner to let the girl go free. She runs to her mother, but after having something tucked in her hand (an action only the boy and his butler saw) she calmly walks down off the platform.
That day, the girl's pirate life ended and her royal life began. She grows to become Ciel's betrothed after his "death" when his engagement to Elizabeth was no longer in tact.
She is treated as a royal in the Phantomhive manor, but she only has contact with the people in the Earl's closest circle of acquaintences.
In order to remain safe, she must stay away from shifty members of the government who will take any excuse to imprison her and pick up where her pirate days left off.

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