i'm so pissed.

1] faux and i have detentions even thought i don't see how we did anything wrong.

we were in our soc. teacher's class,
and i was helping clean up her tables,
because we had some food in her class. 
my homeroom teacher came in and said
we both had detentions because
we weren't in homeroom when
we were supposed to be. i know. god.

2] my friends are blowing me off.

it feels like none of my friendships are
good except for mine and olivia's. 
kathryn seems like she's blowing me off,
my other bff seems like she would like
to hang out with her crush more than me,
my bff julia has better friends. 
and my other bffs won't talk to me like
they do to each other.
they didn't even care to ask me to join in 
with them something that was my idea in the first place. 
[if you go to rena's page, you'll see the star
picture. i told kathryn we should do it,
and she didn't ask me if i wanted to .
she just kinda said, "oh let's do this star 
thing and we'll put it on polyvore."
even though i told her about it.]

3] i know i shouldn't care about faves,

but one of my friends has reached wayy
twice as many as me even though i joined 
almost a year before her. 
it makes me sick. 
faves used to not really be an importance.
now they're all everybody cares about, 
and i don't really see the point in staying
on polyvore when they'res all this crap going on.

4] my family isn't doing well. 

my dad just got a salary cut, and now
i can't do anything. 
[it's not like i could do anything before,
believe it or not i don't own anything 
hollister, abercrombie&fitch, or juicy
-other than my glasses-.]

5] i feel sad all the time. 

it's like my life is crumbling and nobody cares. i feel like my only two friends are
faux, diamanda, and emma, and that
makes me sad.

i don't feel like talking anymore. 
although i will make sets over spring break
[*waves a "yippie" flag sarcastiacally*]
i don't think i will be making any today. 

my life sucks at this point.

usually people say bad times get better.

but can i believe them?

right now, i can only hope for better.

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