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A quiet sigh slid from her plush lips. Kerris hated when things were not going the way they should, her eyes drifting to the watch she wore then the gaggle of assistants in the corner who looked more like they were gossiping and catching up than doing their job. She took a deep breath and set her slender shoulders, walking over to them, "Mr. Donovan would like to start in an hour. I know some of you deal with clients that have a bit of a diva attitude. And I don't just mean the women." She ignored the sharp look she received from a couple assistants, "So I would like it if you were to go let them know and to be ready."
"And who are you?" A brunette woman asked, looking in her late thirties, the heavy make-up she applied doing little if anything for her features.
"I'm Kerris Thomas and if you'd like your boss to stay employed by mine I'd suggest that you do as you've been suggested. Mr. Donovan does not like to wait and I like to keep him happy." She arched a brow at her, waiting for the rebuttal.
"Fine.." The woman answered, likely shocked by the sharp tone the angel-faced young woman used. The rest of the group dispersing to do as Kerris had said.
Keri nodded, brushing her dark blonde hair behind her shoulder before moving back to Damon. "You have an hour to waste at least.. No telling how long your actresses will take before sweeping in here."

He sighed, “You're damn good at your job Keri.” 

She smirked, quite pleased with the compliment, and winked at him, “You better believe it.” 

He nodded, “Want to get some coffee while we wait?” 

She shrugged, “You don’t have anything better to do Mr. Donovan?” 

Damon shook his head, “Better than staring at you? Nope.” He smirked and her face flushed a bit.
“You have a meeting with Natalya Bogdana at 6.” She said looking at her binder as it was something to get the way he looked at her off her mind, blinking when he groaned.
“I thought that wasn’t until tomorrow.”
“She rescheduled.” He stopped her as she continued to walked ahead of him, her nose buried in her planner.
“Maybe this coffee break could be about anything else but work…” He pleaded.

She took in the look on his face and smiled, recognizing a man in pain of some kind. "As you wish, Mr. Donovan.. What would you like to talk about then?"
"Anything.. How are you doing? I heard you moved here from LA. Do you have an apartment?" He asked as they walked together.
"Mmm.. I found a small studio apartment. It's good enough for me. Close to work so I won't be late either." She smirked, her binder slipped into her bag she drew back up on her shoulder.
"That's good to hear. I like seeing you in the morning."
"Oh?" She arched a blonde brow at him, trying to hide her smile, "Why is that?" Seeing if it was more than work related, Keri always did push her luck.

“Because you’re better to look at then my work.” He told her and she bit her lip as they made it to the studio coffee bar. “Hot green tea?” He asked her, nodding towards the counter.
“How did you know that?” she asked. grinning over at him, clearly impressed that he noticed.
“I'm extremely observant.” Damon replied.
“You’d make a good assistant, Mr. Donovan.” She smirked and ran her hand to her hair, letting her tight bun loose and her blonde waves falling over her shoulders.
“I thought I told you to call me Damon.” He reminded her. 

She nodded, “But you like it that I call you Mr. Donovan.” She replied with a knowing look.
“You’re used to men in power.” He told her, grinning as he ordered their beverages.

"I like confident men who know what they want and go for it. Being in power is just a perk." She smiled, turning a couple curls around her finger as she watched him then let them go.
"You aren't so shy yourself, Keri. I seen the way you handled that group back there." He commented, paying for the drinks then handing her the paper cup.
"I have my moments.." She murmured, carefully blowing on her tea as her blue eyes meet his gaze, "You on the other hand always seem to be in control.. It's attractive. Yet I wonder if you ever let go."

“Letting go of control isn’t one of my strong suits.” He told her seriously and she nodded.
“It could be liberating to let someone else drive for a change though….” She said, sipping her tea.
“Depends on the person I guess.” 

She nodded and looked down at her date book but he stopped her.
“No work….” He warned and she smiled.
“Force of habit?” she replied. It really was. A way of distracting herself as well when she wanted to say/do other things.
“Anything else…” He begged and she looked at him for a moment.
“Your ex-girlfriend. She said you cheated on her…” 
He nodded, seeming a bit regretful, “I did.”
“Why?” She asked quietly, curious and yet maybe it would help him too.

He swallowed, thinking a moment before he spoke, “Because I'm an idiot.”

"You made a mistake.. I seen how you looked at her. I'm the real idiot though." She held her cup in both hands, looking down at it a moment.
"No.. I am. I was on the other side of that. I let myself fall for a man that was cheating on his fiancee and I believed that he would leave her for me." She shook her head, "That is foolish."
"You wanted to believe him." He reassured her, reaching out to touch her shoulder.
"I did and I believed he would up until his fiancee came up to me and slapped me, calling me a sl*ut." She shook her head quickly, "Sorry, Damon.. Getting all depressing on you." She put on a smile and lifted her cup to her lips to maybe silence her ramblings, he didn't care about her past. She was just an assistant.

“I don’t mind. I like it when people are real with me .Especially the people I employ. “ He winked.
“Are you sure? My sordid past isn’t exactly coffee talk.” She said, making him chuckle.
“I don’t care about your past Keri. I care about who you are now.”
“You’re a good person Damon, even if you don’t think you are.” She told him, her eyes meeting his.
“Thanks for your support.” He smirked then he stopped. “Are you still in love with him?”

Her smile faded and she looked at her cup, her bottom tier snagged a moment before she spoke, "I'd like to say I hate him and I don't care what he's doing or where he is... But it would be a lie. I can't just shut off my feelings for someone. All I can say is that I care less for him today than I did yesterday and much less than I did the last morning we parted ways." She was honest to him because she felt like she could be in that quiet moment. Her eyes slowly lift to look up at him, "It's not love but I can't say I don't care either."
"I see.." He nodded, taking a drink of his coffee.
She sighed, looking away again, "I told you I'm the fool here.. I like to have my fun yes, flirting with men and getting that bit of power myself but I still believe that there's someone out there for me. Until then.. I make do and enjoy what I have." She gave him a bit of a smile and winked, tossing her empty cup in the garbage.

“Do you really believe there’s someone out there for everyone?” He asked her, swallowing the hot liquid and staring into her pretty eyes.
“Yes.” She said, looking up at him from under long lashes, “Don’t you?”
“I don’t know…..” He ran his hand through his hair, “I hope so.” He ended and took his coffee cup, downing the rest of it.
“I'm sure you don’t have any issues getting girls, Mr. Donovan.” Keri smirked and he looked back at her.
“Oh I'm great at getting them.” He swallowed before speaking, “It’s getting them to stick around that I'm bad at.”

"Take it one step at a time. So far I'm not going anywhere. I'm one woman." She smiled, patting his arm lightly.
A slight smile appeared on his lips, "Thanks, Keri."
"Any time, Mr. Donovan." She glanced down at her watch, "We should probably head back to the set.."
"Hmm.. It's a shame." He shook his head, glancing her over.
"Next time, Damon..." She winked at him, thinking already of the kisses from before that gave her cheeks a flush, "You can't be late for your own movie." She reminded them both.
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