:)Well today was certainly eventful, let's say(: 
I nearly poked someone's eyes out(:
So, we were in textiles,& it's me & my friend opposite two retards(:& me&+* One of the retards are next to each other alphabetically:( Let's call this retard Bob. So his friend, retard two,
" Oh Avni it's pretty obvious you're in love with Bob( not his real name obviously(:)," 
&+* I get really annoyed when people say that, because i don't, &- never will,
so i went,
"Shut up&* stuffs like that, "
& my friend goes
"Yeah, I know, I call her mrs. ( insert Bob's Surname here)."
So, yepp, I was mad(: 
Very mad actually.(: But im kinda getting tired of it all, becuase this had beeen going on since the beginning of the y e a r. & i've had to put up with it for w a y too long.:/
:)) but imma happy person:)) i'll get through it. :))
What i wont get through, is my german verb test tomorrow.
AHHHH!!! :))
My lollipop just flew outta my mouth. I wonder how that happened(:
Oh &+* Livi started calling me avers(blehh) So i called her Liverr. She didn't like that much(:
 so anywayss, i must be going noww(: 
addios, mes cheris(: 
P.S doesn't demi look gorgeouss♥?
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