Welcome to the Project!
Halima and myself, Angele decided to do something to bring the old Polyvore back. No, not the dramatic part of it. The more 'active' part of it. Basically, we want to be able to bring the fun and preppy set making back into Polyvore. I'm not saying you must make preppy sets to be in this group. Any kind of sets that express your style will do. Nowadays, I really don't see much of that. People who used to make gorgeous sets left. It seems like everyone dissappeaareddd. Do you guys remember Amber? Gigi? Macie? PG&&C? Elena? Those are just a few well known members I can name. But literally, I have no idea what happened to them. We're not saying that we should turn Polyvore into a social networking website but I mean, it could be MORE then just a website where we make a set, people like it, and then we log off. -.- I guess the right word for it is to bring back the 'personality' to Polyvore.
Let's make that happen. We can start by you just simply joining this group. ♥
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