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12. The first fundraiser for the months is coming up and times to get your bake on. We are making cupcakes and lots of them so master chefs be ready and for the rest us time to eat some icing.


"So, tell me again why are you going to be away for the rest of the day?" Colton asked, his eyes fixed on me. I was feeling way too self conscious but I wasn't going to be rude and ask him to stop staring, so I just stared at the ground.

"Because, we're baking. We meaning the girls from Theta and me. No boys allowed, sorry Colt." I said with a sigh. Sure, I had been avoiding him for weeks now but I was just busy. Or so I told myself.

"I can bake." He pointed out.

"No boys allowed." I pressed, finally looking into his eyes. "I promise I'll make it up to you."

 "Sure." He said, shaking his head. "What's the money for anyways?"

"A fundraiser." I shrugged. I didn't have time for this. "Look, Colton, I'll try to get them done just in time for the Star Trek marathon tonight. Is that okay?"

"You don't have to rush your sorority stuff to spend time with me..." He said, "But I'd appreciate that."

"Of course. That's why you're my best friend." I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you later, Colt."

"See ya."


I rushed into Theta house, staring cautiously at the bushes because last time Scott and Liam were hiding in them. Nope, they weren't there this time. I looked up to the trees (because DUH, that's the place for a peeping-Tom to be at) and surprisingly, they weren't there either. I smirked feeling triumphant. Maybe they weren't here today.

"Bee! You made it!" Cloe said with a cheeky grin, flour spilled all over her clothes.

"Of course I'm here. You know how I feel towards baking." I said with a smile. I truly loved baking.

"Would you mind helping me with the next batch?" She asked, balancing a bowl filled with cake batter and a try of cupcakes with the other hand.

"Absolutely. Let me get that for you." I said, grabbing the bowl with my hands. 


"We're here!" Aria's voice resonated from the entrance, a noise of paper bags followed. It was Grace and Scotland, holding bags filled with groceries.

"And we brought more supplies." Grace pointed out. "So, when do we get to pour icing over them?"

"Not now, Grace." Aria shook her head, "We need for them to be at room temperature, otherwise they turn into a mess."

"I'd still eat them anyways." Scotland shrugged, putting the bags in the kitchen counter. "So, I was thinking that after this we could have a Marvel marathon, you know, you can never have enough guys wearing spandex on a shiny LCD screen."

"I could get on board with that." I said, a sly smile plastered on my face.

"As much as I'd love to see Chris Evans's naked torso on the TV, not tonight." Grace said. "I have fancy dinner plans with my brother."

"Your brother's in town?" Cloe asked curiously.

"You guys are so gross. It's not cool to lust over my brother when you're talking to me." Grace shuddered at the thought.

"But Joe /is/ attractive." I confessed.

"No sir, I'm choosing to say this conversation never happened."

"Girls, stop talking about boys." Aria said.

"Of course, because you already have a leading man in your life!" Scotland complained, her fingers were dripping with icing.

"Scottie!" Aria took the icing bowl away from her hands. "We have to save it for the cupcakes!"

"Sorry." Scotland shrugged, washing her hands.

"Cloe, you should get that batch out of the oven... before they burn." I suggested, preparing the next batch already.

"I don't know how I put up with you guys..." Grace said, faking disappointment. "Well I do. We're all pretty damn awesome and people are going to fight over those cupcakes tomorrow."

"You got that right." Aria winked at her.
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Wrote 4 years ago
Amazing, love the outfit!

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Let's just pretend my brother doesn't exist for all intents and purposes.
Good? Good!
x Grace
[This story i amazing. and i suck at commenting in character as evident above but I LOVE THEM ALL <3]


Roleplay Index

Roleplay Index

Welcome to the roleplay index(:
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The Girls Of Theta House.

The Girls Of Theta House.

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Noun : Sorority
A group of girls or women associated for a common purpose; a sisterhood.
(US) A social organization of female students at a college or university; usually identified by Greek letters.

Exams have finished , the thrill of graduation is over and Summer is come and gone which means your about to start your first year of college.

Your bags are packed , You said your goodbyes , You got your ticket.

Welcome to Brown University , Est. 1764. Located in Providence , Rhode Island. This will be where you spend the rest of your days and nights. Well at least until you've got your degree.

Studying , Socialising and ofcourse sororities.Well at least for us girls anyway.

We kindly welcome you to Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ) Also known as Theta. Established in 1870 to give woman a support group in mostly male dominated college. While the time has changed greatly the message is the same.

"Today, Kappa Alpha Theta values its unique history, and takes pride in their four founders, who were truly visionary. Their vision statement—Kappa Alpha Theta is the organization that provides the finest and most rewarding membership experience for women—is based on Theta's core purpose and values. The purpose is to support members to learn, grow, and excel, and the core values are personal excellence, friendship/sisterhood, scholarship, service, and leadership."

So there you have it. Welcome To Theta House.
This roleplay will be a small group of 8-12 people at most. This is because i want the group to be a close knit kinda thing since the characters are meant to be. That been said if we have a lot auditions by the time audition's are over then i will choose. So please be aware that you may not get in.
Brown's Official Site :
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RULES: Okay so by now we all the basic roleplay roles. No god modding , Ask to use others people characters. Drama = good when its in character ,outside of the group it sucks. The the only thing i really want people to do is comment on each others sets and of course collab because collabs make friends.

Now i understand alot of people are busy with school , uni , work or maybe even just living life. So i won't force any strict set requirements but please be aware that if you do have to be active. There will be events and yes i know most people don't use them but still.
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