o1. It's that time of year. Christmas! And it's time to start decorating the house and most importantly the Christmas tree.

"what do you think?" I stuck the last paper snow flake on the window, I had been working all morning cutting them out painting them with glitter. "Wow they really sparkle when the sun hits the windows" Alaska said quietly studying them, "awesome work Sas" Cloe nodded "this place is really looking Christmassy" she added with a grin. All the girls had been working super hard to make the house look like something from a Disney movie and being new to the house I put my artist skills to use and made the lounge look like a winter wonderland.

"Thanks girls" I smiled at them each in turn and looked around "now we just need to host a party in this wonderland!" I did a little dance to demonstrate, "slow down tiny dancer, the Christmas party is not till the 21st!" Aria told me as she strolled into the room, "hey thats ok, maybe I will find a date by then" I laughed "who am I kidding, I will need till New Years for that" the girls laughed and Cloe nudged me "don't be silly, we will find you a date" she winked at Aria "he may have a fat belly and a long white beard but i'm sure Santa will be free" we all cracked up and I threw some left over glitter at Cloe "very funny, I doubt Mrs Claus has a thing on me" I did another little dance this time adding some sexy moves to prove it.

"I think Santa would have a heart attack and we can't have that can we" a male voice said from the door and we all swivelled around to see who spoke, "sorry ladies, didn't mean to interrupt your girl time but I was told to drop this off?" he put down the box, I had no idea he was carrying till then, on the table, my attention had been solely on his gorgeous face. "Uh thanks" Aria cleared her throat and nudged me forward "Sas this is Isaac, one of the guys from our brother house", I tried to stop staring and gave a small wave "Hi" I was totally gobsmacked "Hey" I barely whispered he smiled looking amused and turned to Aria "I think I broke your new girl", he laughed and walked back out the door, I sighed and collapsed dramatically onto the sofa "what the hell was that, I just couldn't say anything" I flapped my hands around trying to cool myself down, "god he is hot" I added and they laughed "So now we know how to shut you up?" Cloe giggled and patted my shoulder "that was bad girl, i would have thought you would have game!" Aria shook her head. "Just kill me now" I covered my face and groaned.
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