GTH – Bailey
September 24, 2012

Collab with the cute @sarahstardom :3

+ Bridgit Mendler - Hurricane (I never thought I'd say this but I love her voice, she's like a baby Natasha Bedingfield)

I was plopped in the couch, staring blankly at the ceiling, thinking on what I said to Colton the other day. He probably didn't know that I meant it the other way. However, I did feel relieved that I got it out of my chest. Someone snaps me out of my daydream by stepping on a bag that laid on the floor, empty.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Ally said, her face blushing lightly. "I didn't even see it." She said, pointing at the bag.

I nodded, "It was my fault, I saw it and left it there." I said, standing up, picking up the bag, throwing it into the trash bin and then sitting into a proper position. "So, what's up?"

"I was just going to ask if you had plans today..."

"Nope, wanna go out? Do something fun?" I asked, almost too eagerly. Anything to get out of here. It was eerily silent today.

Alaska nodded shyly for a moment as the silence between us seemed to become comfortable. She spoke, cracking the silence like a whip, despite how quiet her voice was, "I was hoping we could do something."

My face lighted up at her suggestion, I stood immediately and gathered my bag; the bag she had accidentally stood on. "What did you have in mind?" I questioned excitedly, my wide smile illustrated that she had rescued me from boredom.

"I'm not sure" She paused, "shopping, bowling, go out to eat" Ally spoke; saying whatever that came to mind. 

"How about some non-competitive bowling?" I asked, my smile never fading.

"Non-competitive bowling sounds good to me" She nodded; and like that, we left the silent house and reached my car.

"So, what's up with Scott?" I asked casually as I fastened my seat belt.

"What?" She asked, her eyes wide opened, making her look like an adorable fawn.

"Relax Ally." I said with a laugh, "I just wanted to know if you two are getting along just fine. Last time I saw you with him, there was some sort of tension." I explained.

"Not at all." Ally said, looking down at her feet.

"I didn't mean to pry." I said, shaking my head.

"Scott is fine." She said vaguely. "But I've never heard anything of you and Colton." She giggled.

"Oh come on, everyone's always teasing me with that!" I said, snorting. "I actually talked to him the other day. We straightened things out... kind of. Vaguely?" I said, not sure what that meant. I mean, I /did/ tell him I loved him. But he probably understood that as a 'friend' type of love. I should've just pointed that out, but now is too late.

"I wasn't teasing you" Ally spoke suddenly, "I was just curious on what had been happening" She added, before pausing, "I'm the one who is least updated in the house, after all."

"It's fine" I shook my head, "you're allowed to ask, I'm sorry for my outburst."

"I hope you sort things out then" She spoke after a moment of silence, "You two look cute together, y'know" She smiled softly.

I felt my cheeks burning, "You reckon?" I smiled, glancing at her once I had parked the car.

"I know so" She smiled in return, placing her hand on mine. "Now, it's time for me to kick your butt."

"Keep dreaming, Ally" I laughed.

We made our way into the bowling alley, which was quite empty for such a busy hour. Maybe this was for the best, since my bowling skills were more than rusty.

"I've got to warn you... I haven't been bowling in ages." I admitted with a casual shrug.

"Then I'll obviously win." Ally blushed, a grin forming in her face.

"That's so not fair!" I complained playfully, as the guy from the front desk handed us our pair of bowling shoes. We thanked him and chose a lane. I picked out the most adorable bowling ball, which was marbled and purple. Ally followed suit and picked out a ball that she liked as well. Once we had our equipment, we put our names in the scoring machine and then it was Ally's turn to play. 

"Great job, girl!" I was impressed that Ally knocked over six pins.

"I only knocked down six, though" She replied, tilting her head a little, confused.

"And watch me knock down nothing" I giggled, holding onto the purple ball I'd chosen and bowling. I had a dangerous swing and despite there being distance between us, Ally still took a step back and flinched.

"You may not need to knock anything down, you can just frighten the pins into falling" Ally peeped with a growing smile. "I'd hate to see you when you're angry, you might rip my head off" She added.

"I would not rip your head off" I laughed before pausing, "or maybe."

She widened her eyes before I wrapped my arms around her in a hug, "I'm just messing with you, you're too precious to kill."

"I'm glad?" She spoke, definitely confused on whether it was a compliment or insult.

"You should be" I grinned, "your turn again."

She bowled and this time, there was no luck and the ball rolled directly into the gutter. Ally turned around and frowned, "I told you I was no good."

"So you were s.hit talking, aye?" I questioned, my grin still plastered on my face.

"Maybe" She giggled, watching as I stepped up and bowled. I did as well as her, earning a gutter ball and we both erupted into hysterical giggles.

"I think we might need to the bumpers up" Ally suggested. I nodded and we approached the front register. "How can I help you ladies?" the gentleman asked, smiling softly though seemingly paying more attention to me; the reasons were clear, and creepy, I might add.

"We were wondering whether we could get the bumpers up for lane five?" I asked, resting my elbows lightly on the counter.

"Sure" he paused, "is it getting too hard for the kids?" he asked.

"Yes" Ally spoke, pausing, "it's too hard for us." We erupted into giggles again as the man stared blankly at us, not knowing whether to laugh or apologize for his comment.

"YOLO" I spoke with a shrug, linking arms with her as we walked back to our lane.


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