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October 17, 2012

♫ | Everything is Embarrassing - Sky Ferreira

I finally decided to pay Colton a visit. On my way there, I was thinking about what to say to him, repeating a speech in my head, fixing a sentence here and there, unsure if it was fit for an apology. I noticed that his door was opened and I decided to walk in. I regretted doing that the minute I saw Steph walking out of the room.

“Oh hi, you're Bailey, right?” She asked absentmindedly.

“Yeah...” I nodded, feeling a little bit awkward. I could totally handle it if they were dating, I told myself.

“Look, Colton's drunk.” Steph said. “He had a little bit too much to drink at the initiation...”

“Initiation?” I asked, confused.

“Oh, he didn't tell you.” Her voice dropped. “He joined my boyfriend's frat.”

“You have a boyfriend?” I blurted out. This was the best news I had ever received in a long time.

“Yeah, he's Delta Phi's president.” She explained. “Anyways, Colton said that joining the frat was very important to him. The only problem is that he kept drinking and it got out of control and the boys had to send him home. So my boyfriend and I offered to get a cab and here we are.” I looked to the room and noticed that there was a guy sitting next to Colt's bed.

I nodded, “Thank you for bringing him home safely.”

“I wish they had made him stop drinking before, but they're frat guys after all.” Steph lamented. “We have to go, the initiation is still going on, but we just wanted to make sure he's okay.”

That was actually nice of her. “Thank you.” I said sincerely. She gave me a pat on the shoulder and said her goodbyes and then her boyfriend followed and he said goodbye too. I walked to Colton's room and found him laying in bed, groaning. “Colt, are you okay?” I couldn't help that my voice cracked a little. He looked so pale and sick.

“Bee?” He asked confused. “Is it really you?” He tried to open his eyes but the light in the room was too bright and he just shut them back. I walked to the light switch and turned it off, using my cellphone's screen to get back next to his bed. I fumbled with the lamp on the nightstand until it turned on.

“I just wanted to apologize for being mean and rude to you.” I said, “I shouldn't have demanded anything from you and Steph is actually a nice person and I should have talked to her before making any--” He stopped me from talking by actually kissing me. 

“I love you, Bailey.” He said, breaking the kiss. “I am actually glad you're here.”

“Lay back, you're going to hurt yourself.” I said, pushing him gently into his pillow. “Why did you join a fraternity anyways?” I asked curiously.

“Because you spend so much time with your sorority sisters that I figured I had to be in a fraternity in order to understand your bond with them.” Colton explained, a smile formed in his lips. “They're like your second family.”

“But you didn't have to do that.” I shook my head. “They actually made you drink?”

“No, we were celebrating and I continued drinking on an empty stomach.” He frowned. “The guys are cool.”

“I see.” I nodded. “Wait... did you say 'I love you, Bailey' or did I imagine that?” I didn't even notice what was happening and Colton seemed to enjoy that. He kept staring at me with puppy eyes. 

“I love you.” He said, pulling me on top of him for another kiss. 

“But I was so horrible to you.” I said, my cheeks burning.

“Nah, I've been through worse.” He said. “For example... spending weeks without talking to you.”

“Oh.” I said, “I'm sorry.”

“It's cool. Just don't do it again because I don't think I could take it...” Colt said, pulling me in a hug. “Open up that drawer.” He said pointing at the nightstand. 

I did as he said, “What am I supposed to be looking for?” I asked him confused, shoving my hand into the mess of papers that were in there.

“There's this box.” He said vaguely. I found it. A jewelry box. “Open it.”

I did. Inside there was a tiny ring with my birthstone in it, an opal. “What is this for?” I asked confused.

“Well, I was going to ask you to be my girlfriend before things got crazy.” Colton sat next to me. “But I guess I can ask now...”

“You don't have to ask.” I said, pressing him this time to give him a kiss. The ring was unnecessary but effective. It was also very Colton, all formal and sweet.

He grinned, “I think we can spend more time together now that I'm in a fraternity...” Colt pointed out as he put the ring on my finger. I looked at it and everything was perfect. I didn't know why, but it hit me. I started sobbing. He pulled me closer and I buried my head on his shoulder. “Everything's okay now, Bee, please don't cry.”

“B-but I'm so stupid.” I weeped, “I thought you liked Steph...”

He chuckled, “I like it when you're jealous but I don't like it when you cry, so please, Bee.” Colt said, wiping away tears from my face.

I smiled at him, “You're perfect.”

“Not as much as you are.”

We sat there in silence, hugging, until I decided to talk. “I have to tell the girls.”

“What?” He asked shoving his face in my hair.

“They're probably looking for me.” I explained. “It's kind of late.” It /was/ late... like 2 AM late and there was no party going on today except for the fraternity's initiation and that was dudes only.

“Why would they be looking for you?” Colt asked, tilting his head to the side. He looked just like a puppy.

“I didn't tell them I was going to talk to you because I didn't want them to make a fuzz about it.” I blushed. 

“I don't think they'd make a fuzz about you spending a night here.” He shrugged.

“Are you asking me to stay here for the night?” I asked surprised.

“Only if you want to.” Colton grinned cheekily. “Or I could walk you home.”

“I think I'll stay.” I nodded. “Just to check on you, after all, you had too much to drink.” I said quickly.

“As long as you're the nurse...”

“And what would the prescription be?” I teased.

“Kisses. Lots of them.” He nodded.

“Well, that would technically be a reward for getting drunk.” I frowned. “I'm afraid I can't encourage that.”

“I am never drinking again.” He groaned, getting off the bed and rushing into the bathroom.

“Colt?” I called out, “Are you okay?” But I knew better... he was probably puking his guts out. I walked into the bathroom and there he was, brushing his teeth.

“I'll be fine” He reassured me.

“Let me call one of the girls to let them know I'm staying for the night.” I said, rummaging through my bag until I found my cellphone. 


Even though Bailey's based on me (I didn't get my happy ending) she deserves to have one, because I couldn't let my favorite child suffer, could I?
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