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October 16, 2012
Mani/Pedi Night. - Time to relax right? 

(Collab with @chrissykinz, who is totally awesome)

♫ | A Fine Frenzy - Now Is The Start

"It is time, my little babies." Aria said with a smirk, "It's that time of the month when everyone takes personal hygiene to a whole new level... starting with your cuticles." She said solemnly, causing for the rest of us to either giggle or laugh out loud. "Mani-pedi time!" She squealed, grabbing a home-manicure kit.

See, I was okay with getting a manicure, because that's just the nails in your hands and stuff... But I absolutely dreaded pedicures. I hate feet. They're so weird looking. I didn't tell the girls that, obviously. So I'd be hesitating during the rest of the night whenever anyone brought up a pedicure.

"I say we start with pedicures then proceed with a manicure so that we don't spoil our work." Aria suggested and the rest of the girls nodded in agreement. This was torture. I didn't know a way to get out, so I did the natural thing.

"Um, I'll be right back. I gotta call Colt." I lied.

"Colton? You're talking to him again?" Aria gasped. "After the Ste-- incident?" She said, avoiding to mention the name. The girls had to deal with a lot of me whining after what happened in laser tag... 10 days ago.

"Okay, fine. I'm not." I scoffed.

"You lied to me?" She said faking a dramatic gasp. "I never thought you'd be the one lying to me Bailey."

"Oh shut up." I said rolling my eyes but grinning knowing that she wasn't overly offended or anything. "I just don't  want to be here while you do the feet. It just disgusting."

"...How can you not like feet?" She asked with a smirk forming on her lips. I knew I was in for it. "Feet are so sexy. Have you seen the way sandals look?" They all knew I never wore any sandals. I hated showing my feet.

"Ew, stop that." I said, recoiling. "FEET ARE GROSS!" I yelled, as the other girls giggled.

"Grace here has a foot fetish." Scotland said, her cheeks flushing red from all the giggling. Great, they were in on the joke too.

"I'll just plug in my iPod and wait 'til you're done." I said, shuddering at the thought of working on feet. What if they had bunions? That would be my worst nightmare. I still don't understand how people can like them... I'm looking at you, Quentin Tarantino.

"You'll still see them." Aria said in a sing song voice. I just glared and she shot her most innocent smile.

I sighed, "Okay. Here are my rules. 1. I do /not/ get to paint your toenails." I said, glaring at everyone, causing for a hysterical giggling fit. "2. Don't ask me to comment on your nail art if it's on your toes." I shuddered at the thought of staring at feet. This was becoming way too uncomfortable... I needed to get over my feet-phobia before one of them shoved a foot into my face or something, scarring me for life. "And 3. No touching my feet!"

"Because we all want to touch your feet Bailey." Aria said rolling her eyes a little.

"Those are my rules." I said solemnly.

"Fine can we just get started," She said with a sigh.

I nodded, "I think I have enough nail polish for the night." I said, pointing at the huge plastic box I had laid on the bed. Inside of it there was the collection of nail polishes I had hoarded throughout the months. I had sort of a nail polish problem, but no girl can have enough shades of nail polish, can she? "So, who's first?" I asked sweetly.

Aria looked around the room raising an eyebrow when no one volunteered straight away. "I'll go if no one else wants to." She said. 

"Sure thing." I smirked, they were just jealous of my mad nail art skills. "So, what do we do?" I asked and then proceeded to mention a list of styles without pausing to take a breath.

"That's why we don't ask Bee to do our nails." Scotland giggled, filing her nails.

"Well i am going to trust Bee on this and let her choose." Aria said bravely looking over at the other girls.

I smiled, "I appreciate your braveness." I said, my cheeks blushing. I looked down at the nail polishes and settled on a oxblood shade, very appropriate for this season. "Let's give you a killer manicure."

"Be jealous girls." She said grinning. "So are you going to try talking to Colton again?" Aria said turning her attention back to me. 

I raised an eyebrow , "Are you sure you want to talk about this while I am doing your nails?"

"It's worth a try." She shrugged.

"I think I will. I was just confused on why he was with that one girl..." I sighed, "If he's dating her I guess I could live with that. We're just friends."

"But you don't wanna be." Aria said frowning.

"Yeah but that's not important." I said with a sigh.

"Yes it is."

"I appreciate his friendship more than anything else and I don't want things to get weird." I hesitated. "Besides, if it wouldn't work out, things would get awkward and I don't think I could ever deal with that."

"Well I hope everything goes well." Aria said nodding.
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Wrote 4 years ago
Loved this obviously! Also this set is gorgeous!

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Then I realised this was just early :3

Wrote 4 years ago
Wonderful!! And I'm so sorry for Bee :( PS Love your new layout!



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