Call My Name // Cheryl Cole

cloe knowles; gth

“I missed you so much, honey” said Taylor kissing my lips, then he put his hand under my neck and gave me an intensive gaze, that I wasn't able to hold. He came at the Brown for springing a surprise on me. What a /nice/ surprise I've to say. “Shall we walk?” he asked smiling, holding my hand.

I nodded trying to give him the best smile. “I tought you're working now”, I said as we start strolling, “well, it's nice that you came”, I added as soon as I realized that the first sentence seemed rude, “but I don't want that you lose your job for me”.

“Don't worry, it's my day-off. By good fortune, 'cause it's really stressing with all those little bastards that hide CDs everywhere”.

The imagine of Taylor going mad because he's looking for CDs made me chuckled “You didn't tell me that”.

“By telephone? Oh no, I couldn't” he stated shaking his head “I can go on for hours telling you anecdotes like that and I don't want to bore you”.

“Oh please”, I said as I hung on his arm and put my head on his shoulder, “just one”.

“Ok”, he said cracking a smile, “when there're tourists in the store, we clerks draw lots because no-one wants to serve them, unless they're pretty girls and then--” 

I immediately turn to him giving him a dirty look “What?”

“No no, it's not as bad as it seems” he smiled as he saw my face “I mean, the others clerks act like that when there're pretty girls in store”, he paused, “not me. Am I save?”

I mumbled and then I said “Probably yes, go on”.

He sighed with relief “Well, one day in the store there was a german-very-blonde-family and I had to serve them. Cloe, you should have been there” he stated, then he took a pause and went on articulating every words, “they did not know a single words in english. All the can said was 'ja ja ja' with a stupid smile on their face”

I burst out laughing “Really? Not a single words?”.

“I swear it!” he said putting his hand on the chest “Now, sit down” He took my hands and sat down on the grass dragging me with him. I sat next to him and he kissed me. “And what about you?”, he asked as our lips separated, “how are the girls in the Theta house?”.

“Actually they're fantastic, they're all very friendly so I think that I'll feel at ease”

“And the lessons?” he asked caressing my cheek. Suddenly I remembered of prof. Barton and his charm and I automatically came off from Taylor's body. “What?” he asked worried.

“Taylor, I've to tell you something” I said biting my buttom lip. This'd be the perfect chance to break up with this mockery, but as I turn to look him in the eyes, my bravery vanished into thin air. As always. “Well” I glanced down “I've to tell you that I've to go” I side looking to him “we're going to bake today”.

He smiled to me kindly “No problem” He stood up and lifted me up “So, have fun, ok?” I nodded “I'll call you soon, honey”.

Ok I know this story isn't one of my better ones... @chrissykinz @sarahstardom @pudding-fong @martasmiling @kkerry @vicks @ingrid @elizabeth-kate
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