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September 26, 2012. Pizza night. Pretty self explanatory right girls?

collab with the amazing @ingrid 

"Com'on Bailey let's go"€ I shouted standing in the middle of the hallway. I looked around, doing mentally a list if we had everything with us: wallets, list with the pizzas ordered by all the house, keys... 

"Here I am"€, Bailey shot going down the stairs, "let's take a move, I'm starving". 

"œMe too"€ I replied raising my eyebrowns.

"So, two pepperoni pizzas, one with cheese and a Hawaiian pizza, is that it?" she asked mumbling

"Don't forget mushroom and ham." I said. 

"Right. That one too. So that makes it... five pizzas?" she recalled. "We also have to get something for desert because I'm sure everyone's tired of baking." 

"Yes." I nodded, "We're not that good at baking." I giggled.

"But I like baking." she whimpered.

"I dont, but I like eating" I said with a smile. "So five pizzas and a dessert", she nodded, "godd let's go" I shot taking keys of my car, "I drive". I added smiling. 

"Oh good, today I won't like do it" she replied with a sigh of relief.

We stepped into the car, fastened our seat belts and drove to the nearest pizza parlor in town. I need a pizza-time, I think it's one of the most relaxing things ever. This pizza parlor was a sort of funky one, so it made this event even more enjoyable.

"So, Cloe, how's Professor Barton?" she teased with a smirk. 

"Doing fine, I guess." I replied trying to be natural. Damn, was it so obvious? My cheeks burning weren't helping .e at all 

"You two would have the cutest ginger babies." she said. 

I bursted out laughing, "Bailey!". 

"Sorry, I was just saying." she shrugged, "Besides, you two have blue eyes... your babies would look like a doll." 

"I can't believe you're saying that." So I wasn't the only one that actually imagine how could look my children with Barton. "I don't think he would find it proper for a professor to date a student." 

"There's nothing wrong in liking older guys." she smirked as we made a turn to the pizza parlor.

"I really don't know what are you talking about" I lied. I was praying that my voice didn't come out like a yelp. 

"Oh com'on!", she replied with a smirk as she got out of my car, "you can't refuse to face up the facts" 

"How philosophic" I stated drily, "Do you do rehearsal in front of the mirror?" I laughed. 

"Hey hey" she replied stabbing at me, "don't do that, don't change topic". 

I was sort of amused of her behavior, even if I knew that she was trying to help me... well, I was hoping it! And I really need another point of viem of the whole, mad and intricate-as-f.uck situation. 

"I have a problem" I admited trying to smile, but I could feel how false it seemed.

She smiled, "We all do." she confessed. "I told Colton... but I don't think he actually understood what I meant." she sighed. "I think he thought I said I loved him as a friend." 

"That sucks." I shook my head thinking of her bad situation. "...But maybe he did? And he's just scared..." 

"I don't know. But /you/ have more chances to go out on a date with Prof. Barton!" she squealed, the way Aria would if this were one of her shenanigans of hooking Ally with Scott. "You just need to spend some extra time in the classroom, like 'Oh hey Professor Barton, I didn't quite understand the new material'."

I giggled, "Calm down your mind, even if Barton in a /big/ problem, the real one is Taylor" I said with a grimace. 

"Your boyfriend?" she asked confused. 

"Not exactly. My stuck-overprotective-mawkish boyfriend" I stated.

"You should try to straighten things out with Taylor." she suggested. "If it's not going so well, there's no point in going on with a failed relationship." 

"It's not that easy." I sighed as we moved with the line. It was our turn to order and Bailey forgot everything.Luckily I had a good memory. After ordering the five pizzas (and desert) we sat in a table, waiting for our order to be dispatched. 

"...I understand why you were so hesitant about telling Colton." I said. I knew that Taylor had really a bigbigbig crush on me that I didn't return as I did before. But I still loved him as a friend and I didn't mean to hurt him. Funny, Bailey and I had the same problem, but in the opposite direction.

She nodded. "It's not easy, but I had to do it. Or I'd end up wondering 'what if'." 

I nodded, "I'm sorry for it. I'm sure that you'll be able to find another possibility to talk with him". 

"I have to" she stated, the she turned back looking at me "/We/ have to" she said giving me a little smile. 

I sighed, "I know how I seem to the other, like a bi.tch--" 

"This isn't true" she stated firmly. 

"Ehm, yes it is" I said raising my eyebrowns beckoning at our pizzas and desert. We stood up and took them. I sighed, "I don't want to hurt Taylor".

"You won't, if you straighten things as soon as possible." she replied. "Maybe you can end up as friends, you won't know until you give it a try." she added smiling. "I'll talk to Colt soon too." 

"That sounds like a plan." Cloe smiled at me, giving a nod.

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