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cloe knowles; gth
september 6th - Laser Tag

collab with the great @ingrid (so many feeeeeels for this rp!!!!)

It's war time. I was already wearing all my equipment and I had in my hands my rifle. I was ready to start playing laser tag outside, I've just to gone out of the house. Suddenly I heard someone that was stepping out of the kitchen. I laid in wait round the corner, waiting for my victim. 

"You're dead" I shouted as Bailey stepped next to me. 

She screamed and let fall the glass that broke into a thousand pieces, "Damn Cloe!" she screamed as I bursted into laughing, "don't-do-it-ever-again!". 

"Oh my gosh, your face is priceless!" I laughed.

"Keep making fun of me." She stuck her tongue out. "I'll get payback once we arrive at the laser tag place." 

"We'll see, Bee. We'll see." I chuckled raising my eyebrowns. "Besides, you don't have the best aim." 

"Oh really?" she smirked. "Who uses the PS3 the most?" 

"That's different." I stated. 

"I still play 'Call of Duty'." She kept saying. "How different can it be?" 

"Okay, now I'm actually scared." I gigled, "Let's get a move on. Aria and Clover are already there with their boyfriends." I added, singing the last word. 

"Speaking of which, have you spoken to Taylor yet?" she asked. I was sure she didn't mean to remind me sad things, I didn't blame her. I looked at her before glancing down, "You don't have to answer that, never mind. Let's go." she added quickly. 

"Yes I did" I tryed to hint a smile, "I'm again avaible on the market" I joked. 

"If you need to talk..." she said kindly. 

"Thanks Bee", I smiled, "I've done my part, and you?" I teased her.


I was heading trough Starbucks, after the match with guns and rifles I had promised to Lauren to take a coffee together.

You look beautiful with that rifle" she smirked as I sat down in front of her. "Sorry, but I'd already took my coffee"

"Good, I don't want one" I smiled.

"Is it all okay?" she asked.

"Sure, I even won in the laser-tag battle" I stated.

"You don't impress me" she raised her eyebrowns taking a long sip of coffee.

I stared at her, she was my best-friend. She could tell me what I was about to say before I knew it. "I'm worried and...tired" I sighed. 

She didn't gave me any sing to mae me believe that she'll ask something. And she was right, I didn't need any pressure to tell my own businnes. 

"When I broke up with Taylor, it was more difficult than I tought. I couldn't imagine that he cared so much about me" I laughed, "It's strange, I found out that I cared about him more than I'd like to admit with myself".

"Are you regretting it?" she yelled.

"No, I'd do the same thing if I could". I was sure of this, for any reasons I'd be still in that situation. "And now, I have Barton's number" I smirked.

She standed open-mouthed, "Really?"

"Yep" I laughed, "I risked a heart attack"

She laughed, "Oh yes, I already imagine you lying on the ground with this strange smile on your face"

"This'd look awkward!"

"As you honey" she giggled, "as you"


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