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Cloe Knowles; GTH 
29th November

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I made my way into the living room, without even realizing that I was in Aria attacked with questions. "What's that sad face, Cloe?"

"Mm nothing" I said. Adam kept being a stranger with me. No calls, no textes. Nothing as I said.

"You liar!" Grace said poking out of nowhere and pointing dramatically at me.

Aria grinned, "I suspect that Grace is right here".

"I'm always right" she pointed out before she bit a cookie.

Ok it was kind of a CIA interrogation here. "Adam and I had argued a few days ago, as you know, and now he seems /dead/" I huffed crossing my arms, "but the worse thing is that I still don't know why he's angry with me". Now I felt better, I threw out a big burden.

Aria nodded thoughtful as Grace was staring at me with her cookie still in her hand, "I know that it could be strange" she said, "but why don't you call him?"

"I tried" I moaned, "but he's never answered me".

"Well he should be somewhere" Aria shrugged, "he can't just disappear".

"Unless he has an invisibility superpower" Grace cut in.

"You should talk face to face" Aria siad pretending Grace never open her mouth making the girl roll her eyes and fall on the sofa.

"I'll try" I said, "thank you by the way" I said before leaving the house.

Ok, let's start playing hide-and-seek.


I found him in the library where he was studying, or maybe pretended to study. I seated next to him, took out my notepad and a pen. I wrote "Sorry" on a paper and slided trough him.

He took it, read it and glanced at him. He was still serious, so was he still angry? He took his pen and wrote something then slided the paper to me again.

I read it: "For what?". I sighed and wrote "Dunno, for everything that I made that made you angry. I'm sorry". And the papaer came back in his hands.

He didn't reply, just read it, looked at me and kept reading his books. So I took another paper, "I miss you" and gave it to him.

He read and looked at me, ths time he didn't seem angry but...surprised (?). So I reclaimed the paper and added, "Can we please go out?"

After he read it, he nodded and started put away his things. we stood up together and made our way to the gardens, in silence. We took tirthy seconds to do it, but for me they seemed hours. 

"so you're sorry" he said out after we left the library, "but you don't know for what".

I bited my bottom lip, "Adam, I-I just know that I did something wrong that made you go away in an unexpected way. Whatever it was, I'm really, /really/" I said putting my hands on my chest for a bigger impression, "sorry for it" I glanced down looking at some leafes on the grass, "Please forgive me" I added with a sigh.

He huffed, "Cloe you're so strange. Any other girl would have just let it go, but you're here in front of me telling me that you're sorry" He paused, "sorry for, textual, whatever you did wrong". Another pause, "Why are you doing it?" he asked staring at me.

I really didn't know why, but once I said that I talked too much. So I just put my hands on his shoulders and kissed him. It seemed right as it could erase every fights and errors. I didn't regret doing it. When my lips came off from his I added, "Because I care of you, dumb" I grinned.

He seemed confused for some moments and during them my mind was already going to horrible eventualities. But, because there was a but, he took my face and we kissed again. Our lips together, his hands caressing my face, my body touching his: it was perfect.

"Why didn't you do it before?" I whispered.

"You said by yourself" he grinned, "I'm a dumb, bunny".


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