Guardian angel, I have a question:
Why don't you always give constant protection?
Are there bad people who are stronger than you,
Bad men who won't let you do what you do?
When I was a little girl hurting and bleeding
I never stopped asking, calling and pleading.
You never came when I was helpless and small.
You never came once, no never at all.
Guardian angel, I have a question:
Why didn't you ever ask God for direction?
He's your boss, he'd know what to do.
He would have saved me, he would have helped you.

Guardian angel, what did you do while I was abused?
Did you watch? Did you run? I 'm really confused. 
I was small and alone in a life gone wrong,
A little red haired girl who sang a song.
No mother to love me, no angel who cared,
A young battered child, abandoned and scared. 
Those bad people hurt more than my muscles and bones.
They became violent intruders who invaded my home.
They taught me that trust leads to more shattered dreams,
That life is a game played with lies, money, and schemes. 
They taught me that promises are meant to be broken
And that words of endearment should never be spoken.
They destroyed the toys that were special to me.
They destroyed my innocence and dignity.

Guardian angel, why are you sad?
You have tears in your eyes, did I say something bad?
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