Dani watched in horror the Guardians that she called 'em ''family" they've been beaten by Pitch Black. Only Jack is fighting Pitch, so far Pitch is wining. Dani sees Pitch beating Jack and, taking him down. She sees Jack unconscious, she gasped and ran to him, kneeling down trying to wake up Jack and the guardians.
Dani: Jack wake up! wake up! Please you can't give up. North!! Tooth!! Bunny!! Sandy!! (tears falling down)
Pitch laughed and Dani can hear him coming closer.
Pitch: their weak, all of them. Only one is not ready to be a guardian, but she's scared to not to believed in.
Dani: ( turns around) SHUT UP!! 
Pitch: your anger... I love it. Join me my dear Danielle we will believed in the whole world full of fear.
Dani: No!! their not weak!! Their stronger than you Pitch. Everyone in the world will fear us and I don't want that!!!

Pitch:It's funny that they say your going to be a Guardian, you don't how to be a Guardian or a center.
Dani: A guardian is to protect the children all around the world no matter what. Even if their sad or miserable I can make em smile and have a little faith. Even though I don't have a center..I have My Heart. If the children believed in me I would be there for them. I know North, Tooth, Bunny, Sandy, and Jack believed in me, told me I'll never give up not back down, just gotta have a little light. Now I know MY CENTER IS LIGHT CAN SAVE YOU FROM DARKNESS!!! SO TAKE ME DOWN PITCH!!!
Pitch: So be it...( he stuck Dark sand towards Dani)
Dani stands straight and closed her eyes and ready to be struck, then suddenly she feels glowing and light in her heart. Pitch sees that and screamed falling down to the ground unconscious. The guardians starts to wake up and slowly gets up sees Dani glowing.

Once the glow is gone, everyone gasped and looked Dani amazed. Dani is wearing a light pink dress, sandals, a head band, a bracelet, earrings and a weapon as a bow and arrow. Dani looked down to herself and she's shocked, turns to the Guardians. She smiled at them running to them giving each big hugs. Then she take a step back and smiled.
North: Danielle your'e...
Dani: yeah..thanks for believing you guys. Sorry I doubted you all.
Tooth: Were so proud of you Dani.
Sandy smiled and nodding his head agreement.
Bunny: So what kind of Guardian are you sheila?
Dani: The Guardian of Light.
Jack: your center?
Dani: having a little light in your hearts.

The guardians smiled proudly at Dani. "Dani will be a great guardian..I know it "Jack proudly thought.
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