When I was a young 'un, I imagined that my guardian angel might be hurt if I just referred to him this way: "Hey, you! Please watch over me!" I also surmised that since I didn't know whether or not my angel was a male or female, perhaps I could divine that he/they divided up the duties between them. So being the odd, egalitarian youngster that I was, I gave a name to both a male (Josh) and female (Sarah - I think it was because the name reminded me of "seraph") angel to cover all the bases. Of course, admiring as I was of long dresses (and I still am) I would have loved Sarah to look like this. I also imagined that although it would be wonderful to meet these guardians, I wouldn't want to stay in heaven, wherever that was. So here in the set, I imagine Sarah telling me it's not quite yet my time. 

Finally, I have been able to use the marvelous wings that were created by the amazingly gifted Tabitha Sue, so thanks to you, Tabitha, for the gorgeous clockwork wings! See her beautiful stuff here: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=1502174

I have always disliked pictures of angels who looked as though they weren't having any fun. The goofy little cherubs likewise, cute as they might have seemed to the Victorians and others, were never my style. If I go to heaven, I want to have fun. Hence the Frank Sinatra music and the swing. I wouldn't want to be rewarded by being given a harp and told to look serious or saintly all the time. And I don't think heaven would really be like that, even if it were physical. I imagine it will be something a human being could never imagine, and that nothing else would be so good.
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