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Haven't done a tag quiz in a while:
Thanks @tasmin-in-wonderland
Answer the questions and tag some people afterwards (don't forget to tag me, so that I can see your answers)
What are you most insecure about? My weight

What do you think is your best feature? My eyes

What do you think is your worst feature? Umm...not sure

Are you self-confident? Why or why not? A little bit of both, I am sometimes, in other situations, no. 

How would you describe your looks? Brown hair with natural orange highlights, tall, blue eyes, freckly

How would you describe your personality? Creative, friendly, slightly weird 

Are you in love? If not, have you ever been in love? No

Ex you'd take back? Have to have a relationship first

Longest relationship? Still in a relationship, with chocolate and my laptop (I know, I cheated....)

Shortest relationship? Sigh....
What do you look for in a guy? Tall, cute, loving, playful, caring, sweet, funny, trustworthy
What is one thing that you find adorable when guys do it? When they stand up for their girlfriends when someone says something awful about them
What is your biggest fear? Loosing someone I love and letting someone I love get away
What is something you're excited for? The arrival of 'Blood Moon' (great book)
What is something that you're obsessed with right now? Polyvore (as usual)
What is your skincare/beauty routine like? I don't wear make-up at all, so I wash my face and voila! 

What is your favourite skincare product? Don't have a particular favourite
What is your favourite beauty product? Nail varnish
How would you describe your fashion style? Really girly
What is your favourite piece of clothing you own? My blue/green/white dress
What is a piece of clothing you want to buy? I really want a floral magenta peplum skirt
Fave song? Skinny Love and LWWY
Fave artist? One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Florence + The Machine, 
Fave movie? Ever After (with Drew Barrymore)
Fave actor? idea
Fave actress? idea
Fave model? Don't have a favourite (gosh I am so out of this)
Fave book? My love lies bleeding, scarlet, die for me
Fave animal? Squriel
Fave colour? Blue
Fave drink? Vanilla Milkshake
Fave food? Way too many, but I am craving a really nice BLT on turkish bread right now

Sorry if you are not big on tags, don't worry:
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