☆ Saturday :
Third Challenge - The VSFS is less than a week away, so all of the girls are heading down to the VS studio to try some test outfits on for the show! We're also getting interviewed by some press while we're there, so expect cameras!

- - -

"My ass looks huge," Cameron sighs, surveying this supposedly huge butt in one of the many mirrors in the fitting room, hands on her hips.

"What ass? You're practically concave," I tell her, raising an eyebrow. She's got no rear end to speak of. Never really did, but her already negatively-sized body has shrunk even more since she started dieting. I'll be making mac n cheese back at the apartment or ordering a pizza and she'll be eating baby carrots out of a bag. And that's about all I've seen her eat unless it's at an important social event.

Yeah, I'm worried. But it's Cam's life, and her body. And it's not like she's stopped eating altogether. So it's not my business.

"Are you kidding me? Do you see this thing?" She gestures at the offending body part, clad in a gorgeous set of sequined panties.

"Yeah, and it just looks like a butt to me. Trust me. No one's going to notice."

"But I want a butt that people will notice!" she all but wails. Oh, god, there is no talking to her when she's like this. I mean, I have my own occasional doubts about my body and my success at VS, sure. But I don't publicize them and fish for compliments like she does. I love Cameron, but...

Well, no, I don't love her. I love who she used to be. She's gone full-on Camille, not the Cam I used to carpool to auditions with. All fashion model, none of the down to earth, goofy girl I used to consider my BFF.

"Devon, they want you on the runway," one of the assistants calls. Phew. Now I have an excuse to break off this conversation - and god do I feel like an awful friend for thinking that. I shrug at Cam and head up to what will be the area we wait offstage before taking our turn during the fashion show. Before I take my walk, I make one last adjustment of my costume, smoothing out any wrinkles and readjusting the red wig that goes with the outfit.

They want to see the costumes in motion. And if I want the best ones, well, I'd better make them /look/ their best. With a deep breath, I stride out onto the runway, now bare and plain before its show decorations. Head up, shoulders back, trying not to squint under the bright stage lights.

And as I walk, I feel gorgeous. Like a real supermodel. I feel like, for the first time since I've come to New York, I really have a chance of making it.

- - -

- Why does your model love the fittings/what does she love about them?
The VSFS is such a big deal and this is the first time it's really hit Devon that holy crap, she's going to be /in/ this. Also, the outfits are all just so fun and colorful that she's having a ball looking at all the different ones and how creative the designers are.

- Why are the fittings important to you?
It's like an audition for each outfit, which always fills Devon with nervous excitement, but she's sure to at least get to wear one, which helps with the "nervous" part. Also, if she walks well here, she has a chance of getting two or three costumes, and the more the better.

- What outfit(s) were your favorites to try on?
The outfit in the set was her favorite, because Devon's fun and silly at heart and what's more fun than getting to dress up as a superhero? She also tried on a simpler gold lingerie set with super-fancy gold heels with ribbons lacing up to the knees that made her feel like a badass ballet dancer.
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