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I'm so happy, I have straight A's for the first quarter and I was so nervous starting school back up this year because I thought I would get bad grades 

and i'm glad I started polyvore again because I missed making sets and posting stupid comments so much! (although it seems like no one cares so okay :( )

Anyways, I've said this for the millionth time and I'm probably really annoying by now, but please support Toxic! They're a 2-member band that won KBS's (stupid allkpop, it's not MBC) Top Band!

I found a MV with eng subs:

They're such a talented band, and they're not an idol band with a company that put them together. They were always in touch and when their respective bands broke up, they formed Toxic. (wasn't long ago, a little more than a year ago)

They've gotten so far, from not even 5 people watching them perform to debuting with an official company. It just makes me feel like a proud mom. :'(
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