Wednesday: Since Vogue was so nice to give you the day off yesterday, they are going to treat you like slaves today. Every department is packed; you’ll be surprised if you even get a potty brake. Journalism, doing restaurant reviews and getting the perspective of the every day Belgium woman. Fashion, Accessories, and Beauty buying for Vogue all day, we know heels are cute, but you might want to opt for some flats today, you’ll be thanking us later. Booking will be scoping out the local modeling agencies and getting a new batch of model profiles. Photography will be taking pictures of the local sights for a spread in the magazine.

Again, i love my Job, i love my Job, i love my Job!
wow today has been HARD! and i mean it! thanks God i followed the advice of wearing flats of i might be dying right now... my outfit is not what you could call comfy for a fashion shopping spree, but i loved it, besides it matched the Chanel and other vintage store bags im carring, wich by the way has made lots of Jelous heads turn, haha if they knew its not for me, but i love to shop, he.ll i even like to shop in the fu.cking Supermarket. I stopped in a Cafe to get a doble espresso capuccino with amaretto. 

"Hi, im sorry can i get a coffe please?" i asked the old lady in the counter.

"je suis désolé Je ne parle pas anglais" she said.

"l'amende, je peux avoir un café à l'amaretto double s'il vous plaît." i replied in perfect french.

"i didn't know you could speak french!" a light voice said behind me.

"Oh! hi Bianca! yes i do!" i say happily.

"you have a nice accent by the way" she says and smiles.

"thanks! wanna get a coffe?" i ask.

"sure, order for me i'll pay over there!" she says pointing the cashier.

"non sense! its just coffe, go sit by the bags and i'll be right there." i say and smile

she smiles back and thanks me, but when her eyes lay on the amount of bags her head shots up... 

"WOW! Sam! u bought the entire country" she says as i aproach the table in the tiny minute we are allowed to breath.

"haha well kind off, i love to shop, so this is like the dream Job for me" i say and shrugg.

"mine too" she says and smiles. 

we talked nonsense stuff until coffe was over and we needed to head back to work.

" see you around B!" i say!

"sure thing Sam!" she says and waves at me.

"Merci beacoup madame" i say to the lady.

she smiles and waves. "au revoir cherie!"

now... more shopping... i wonder what is Jaz doing right now....
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