~One Direction, Everything About You {might've used this before but come on it's 1D and Niall's solo is perfect <3}

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SO.... HAPPY BELATED SWEET 16 DALANA @glitterinmyviens !!! <3333 So sorry this is late but I hope you like it! I stole almost all the pictures from your favorite model pictures collection :))

Well Dalana. I honestly have so many things to say about you but it's 1 AM and I don't want to ramble and write weird stuff because you know we talk about weird and random stuff am I right? haha well I have to say some of the awesomeness that you are of course <3

1. Dalana lets me rant to her. (1 point of awesomeness)
2. Dalana has an epic and original layout that I wish I could replicate but I'd probably butcher it. (1 point of awesomeness)
3. Dalana is so dope yo like homie I luh you like a bro man. Basically Dalana is street smart and I'm not but I try to be. (1 point of awesomeness/gangstaness)
4. Dalana has this pretty cool LIKE REALLY AMAZING company where she makes her own tie-dye shorts and other cool stuff and sells it online and it's really awesome I'm so jealous of her talent. (1 point of awesomeness)
5. Dalana is a Directioner. (5 points of awesomeness)
6. Dalana makes really creative and unique and EPIC roleplays that are way beyond my comprehension. (1 point of awesomeness)
7. Dalana's tumblr is very drool-worthy and she always gives me good rates hehe <3 (5 points of awesomeness)
8. Dalana is GORGEOUSSSSS!! And tinychat with her is always fun. (10 points of awesomeness)
9. Dalana has a really cool name. It's #legit. (1 point of awesomeness)
10. Dalana is one of the best Poly-friends ever and she's got a sick sense of style and she will be famous some day, either by her Silver Underwear Outfitters or by marrying Niall Horan when I marry Harry Styles <3 (infinity points of awesomeness)

In conclusion, DALANA IS AWESOME. 

If you're not following this girl, you've been in the wrong. Go now, this is her killer username again right here: @glitterinmyviens 

Dalana, I cannot WAIT to see you June 23rd at the 1D Dallas concert, we're gonna have an absolute BLAST!!! I'm so glad we started talking a YEAR ago (OMG I just checked my first PM to you was a group invite ahahaha we were hesitant in our first convos I was such a dork) and have continued talking and you know, just being MAGNIFICENT. That's how we do.

I love you Dalana and I hope you have had a great week and a great 16th year to come! :))))

xx Taylor
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cute set! the skirt is lovely! (>‿♥)

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skirt is so lovely!

Wrote 4 years ago



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